Raymond Young Now: How Old Is Alice Sin Boyfriend Turned Murderer?

Raymond Young Now: How Old Is Alice Sin Boyfriend Turned Murderer?
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Where Is Raymond Wong Now? Here are all the latest deets on the man who committed one of the horrendous murders!

Raymond Wong is the convicted felon of the murder of his girlfriend, Alice Sin.

The murder happened back in November 1999 but was not convicted until the mid-2010s.

The late Sin’s murder and background story gained wide national attention as she was a hopeful pregnant woman.

The perpetrator Wong still receives hate from the public for his actions even today.

Where Is Raymond Wong Now?

Raymond Wong is still incarcerated in a California prison for his crimes.

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He is serving his 50 years of life imprisonment sentence for his deeds of killing his pregnant girlfriend to inherit her insurance money.

Though his crime has been proved in court, he filed for an appeal in 2018. However, it was turned down by the appeals court and Wong is still in the prison.

Likewise, his case has often become the talk of the media coverage throughout these years.

Raymond Wong Age and Wiki xplored

Raymond Wong’s current age falls around his 50s according to our sources.

Meanhwile, the exact deets on his birth date are still under review.

A Californian resident, he had fatally shot his four months pregnant girlfriend.

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Moreover, he then mutilated Alice’s body and deserted it in a Nevada desert faking the scene and making it look like it was done by animals.

His brutal act of killing his girlfriend and child landed him in deep law trouble and public hate.

Wong was convicted in 2015 and his appeal reached the court in 2018.

Raymond Wong Release Date Revealed

Raymond Wong’s release date is after 50 years though he may be able to appeal for parole sometime before his actual release date.

Given the intensity of his crimes, the public was happy to listen to his sentence hearing.

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Raymond Wong Wife: Is He Still Dating Jessica Tang?

Wong’s soon-to-be wife was Alice Sin. Meanwhile, the prosecutors alleged that he was two-timing Sin and Jessica Tang.

That was when Tang and Wong decided to finish off Sin and also get the insurance money.

The late sin had put Wong as her successor in her $2 million insurance.

However, Tang testified against Wong and received five years in prison. She was also sentenced to 500 hours of community service.

Our sources claim that Tang and Wong are no longer dating.


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