Rasheda Ali Biography, Wikipedia And Net Worth: Everything To Know About Nico Ali Walsh Mother

Rasheda Ali Biography, Wikipedia And Net Worth: Everything To Know About Nico Ali Walsh Mother


Rasheda Ali is a reputed actress, model, and celebrity known better as boxing legend Muhammed Ali’s daughter. Find more details about her personal life.

Rasheda Ali was Muhammed’s daughter from his ex-wife, Belinda Boyd.

Muhammed and Belinda were married back in August of 1967 and Belinda were just 17 years old and she changed her name as per Islam prophecy.

Rasheda’s parents crafted a nine-year-long married life before finally divorcing on December 29, 1976.

Rasheda has brilliantly created her name in the writing and business scene through her sole individual efforts.

Who Is Rasheda Ali? Explore Her Wikipedia Bio

Rasheda Ali is a celebrity daughter of great boxer Muhammed Ali and his wife Belinda Boyd.

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Rasheda has been featured on the official Wikipedia bio page and praised for her self-crafted success trail.

Rasheda has been a reputed businesswoman, brand owner, and entrepreneur alongside her equally prolific writing career.

She was born in 1970 in the Flushing region of New York.

She has been affiliated with the famous show ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York’ and similarly, she has been an elite TV personality, talk show host, and presenter.

Her achievements as a salient public speaker also don’t go unnoticed.

Rasheda was also active in the music industry as she had previously worked under the great assistance of Harve Pierre and executive Phil Robinson.

She was a rugged and well-built businesswoman known for her shoe collection business company called ‘Encore‘.

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She is also a proud owner of Atlanta based boutique called ‘B-Chic’.

She has been a wonderful and well-cherished author and a writer known for her crafty word skills and deliberate presentation of stories with great plots.

Her famous book “I Will Hold Your Hand So You Won’t Fall: A Child’s Guide To Parkinson’s Disease” was published in 2010 and has been loved by her global audience.

Learn More About Nico Ali Walsh’s Mother Rasheda Ali- Who Is Her Husband?

Rasheda Ali gave birth to her son Nico Ali Walsh who also happened to be a boxer just like his legendary grandfather.

Nico is a 21 years old boxing professional athlete from Las Vegas.

He was born in 2001 on the Southern side of Chicago city.

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He attended the reputed Bishop Gormon High School and then got enrolled in Iowa State University.

Rasheda was married to her husband Bob Walsh in 1997.

Rasheda Ali’s Family And Net Worth Details Revealed-Who Are Ali’s Siblings?

Rasheda Ali lives in her Las Vegas-based residence home with her two sons and her husband Bob.

Her son Nico Ali is a middle-weight fighter just like his grandfather Muhammed.

The couple was blessed with their second son Biaggio who is an elite footballer for San Diego State University.

Growing up, Rasheda had a twin sister Jamillah Ali, with whom she graduated with a degree in Mass Communication.

Rasheda has altogether three siblings and five half-siblings.


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