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Rapper Young Dolph Shot And Killed 2021 Today And Dead Body: Meet Wife Mia Jaye

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Rapper Young Dolph Shot And Killed 2021 Today And Dead Body: Meet Wife Mia Jaye


Young Dolph was shot and killed in Memphis. The rapper leaves behind his soon-to-be wife and two children.

Adolph Robert Tronton Jr, best known by his stage name Young Dolph was an American rapper.

While he had more than 25 different songs released, Dolph’s best time started in 2016 when his solo album King of Memphis ranked 49 on Billboard 200 chart.

Furthermore, his single hit Cut It also ranked 35 in Billboard Hot 100.

Several sources are now reporting that the rapper Dolph was killed in a retail shop in Memphis.

Following the news, many top professionals, as well as general people, are expressing their condolences and praying for his peace and well-being of his family.

Young Dolph Wife: Was He Married To Mia Jaye?

Young Dolph didn’t have a wife as he was not married even though he shared a beautiful relationship with Mia Jaye.

Dolph and Jaye were together for almost around a decade after they started dating in 2012 and were pretty happy with each other.

The couple also had two children. But reports mention that they were not married.

Mia is an entrepreneur and the CEO of her retail shop brand Memeo according to HITC.

She graduated with a B.S in Real Estate Finance in 2012 and since then started making it as a successful entrepreneur.

Jaye can be found on Instagram where she has uploaded several photos of her boyfriend and children.

Young Dolph Shot And Killed: Dead Body Details

The rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed on November 17 in a store in Memphis.

According to reports, Dolph was moving into the store in the area to buy some cookies.

That was around 1 p.m. when someone drove up and shot and killed the rapper on the spot.

The store owner saw it all and called the police. The police even called the shooting ‘senseless’ as they couldn’t track down the reason behind it.

Young was present in the area a week before promoting the cookie so the officers are looking if there is any relation with that.

Regardless, the culprit is not arrested yet and the investigation is being carried on.

There are videos of the place after the shooting of Young Dolph took place.

However, no video showing the actual shooting and death of Young can be found online.

So, all the videos about Dolph being killed are the footage of the store after the shooting took place and after the police arrived, taken by general eople.

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