Rapper Moneybagg Yo Shot To Death News Rumours Explained

Despite the rumors, the rapper Moneybagg Yo is not confirmed to have been shot to death.

The rumors seem to have started after news of a fellow Memphis rapper getting shot to death came in the headlines.

Many people seemingly thought that the dead rapper was Moneybagg but no such detail has come forward in the media.

Rather, another rapper named You Dolph who was based in Memphis was shot to death in a store while he was buying cookies.

Just a few hours after that, there is news that another man was shot and killed Lyceum and the police have arrested two people.

But the killed man is not believed to have been Moneybagg since the police have not disclosed his identity and have not mentioned him being a celebrity either.

So, Moneybagg Yo is not believed to be dead.

What Happened To Moneybagg Yo?

Apparently, nothing has happened to Moneybagg Yo and he is safe.

No news of him being shot to death is there and the man who was killed in Lyceum, Memphis is not thought to be the rapper Moneybagg.

The police officers are still conducting the investigation.

Hence, unless any unfortunate news comes, the rapper Moneybagg Yo is safe and sound.



Moneybagg Yo Age And Net Worth

The rapper Moneybagg Yo’s age is 30 years old.

He was born on 22 September 1991, in Memphis and has been living in the area since then.

After being interested in music from an early age, Moneybagg started releasing his mixtapes in 2012 at the age of around 23.

Since then, the rapper has worked up his way.

Talking about his wealth, Moneybagg Yo is reported to have a net worth value of $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

It also mentions his other career highlights where his major source of earning is his music career as a rapper.