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Rapper Frostydasnowmann Was Reportedly Shot- What Happened?

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Rapper Frostydasnowmann Was Reportedly Shot- What Happened?


Breaking: Frostydasnowmann Was Shot – Is The Rapper Dead Or Alive?

It is believed that the rapper Frostydasnowmann was shot in Inglewood, LA. However, the information on whether he is dead or alive is still unclear.

Frostydasnowmann is an American rapper who is famous for his songs like Oh My Gawd and Make It Cheesy. Besides music, he is also known for being in jail for two years due to assault.

Currently, however, he is again in the news for being a target in a double shooting in his own neighborhood. 

Yes, Frostydasnowmann was shot near his own neighborhood in Inglewood. It is assumed that the incident also involved another victim who was the rapper’s homie.

The identity of the friend has not been released. It was a double shooting as two of the individuals were shot.

The police shortly reached the site of the incident and began their investigation. From the initial look at the situation, it appears that the shooters arrived in a car outside the building that Frostydasnowmann was in.

As per Sky2, the car appeared to have been in a crash before the people inside took off. No further information on the condition of the victims is made public yet.

Similarly, the police also do not have any information on the possible suspects as it is believed that the people involved fled immediately.

Is The Rapper Dead Or Alive?

As per the recent statement by his relatives, Frostydasnowmann is still alive at the moment. However, we do not have the information on the health condition of the rapper.

We do know that he was shot and has been taken to the nearest hospital. Both the victims were in critical condition and had been getting appropriate medical attention. 

Frostydasnowmann’s friend seems to have taken the greater fall as it has been briefed that his condition is worse than the rapper. We hope both of them make it through.

His fans have begun praying for the rapper, who is considered one of the originators of the current LA rap scene.

Was Frostydasnowmann In Jail?

 Yes, Frostydasnowmann was in jail after he was charged with assault. The assault took place in 2017, and the rapper was sentenced to jail for 2 years.

Eventually, Frostydasnowmann was released in 2019. Soon after his release, he soared back into popularity after he put out individual music as well as collaborations.

The blossoming new wave of artists and collective innovation that began just a few years ago has just as quickly soured into several what-ifs. The rapper is considered one of the most innovative and creative artists out there.

Is Maasai Lopez His Real Name? Age Explored

Actually, we are not sure. Frostydasnowmann has never officially revealed his real name anywhere. 

Many sources claim that the rapper extracted his real name when he was in prison for the assault charges. The assumption on his real name is made on a different basis.

Apparently, at the same time as  Frostydasnowmann’s arrest, a man named Maasai Lopez was also arrested for the same charges. So people began speculating that that was his real name.

Nevertheless, these are just assumptions, and nothing can be said as official as of right now.

His age, like his real name, also remains a mystery. Based on the looks and his recent pictures, we are pretty confident that he is older than 30 years of age. Other information regarding his birthday and parents are also unknown.

Frostydasnowmann Has Managed Impressive Net Worth At A Young Age

FRosTydaSnowMann has an estimated net worth of 600 thousand dollars ($600,00). Most of his earnings come from the sales of his music.

He also has a youtube channel with 43k subscribers with videos averaging at 100K views. Looks like some of the net worth comes from revenues as well. 

Besides, he has collaborated with multiple established as well as upcoming musical artists as well.

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