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Quinton Flynn Jhin False Allegations – Was He Found Innocent?

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Quinton Flynn Jhin False Allegations – Was He Found Innocent?


Quinton Flynn Jhin False Allegations – Was He Found Innocent?

An American Voice actor, Quinton Flynn, was accused of false allegations. Find out more about whether Quinton is innocent or not. 

Quinton has worked as a voice actor in several films, animation, anime, live-action, and video games. 

Besides, voice actor, he has also worked in sketch comedy portraying the character of Paul McCartney. 

He is best known for his voice and his career in providing talent.

Quinton Flynn Jhin False Allegations 

Flynn is famous for his voice in the video game-like Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy VII, and many more. More importantly, his fans are creating a petition to keep him as Jhin in League of Legends after the controversy.

His talents have also been notable in different animation movies and series. 

With the fame he gets, he has to deal with lots of scandals. 

Recently, Quinton is under a lot of controversies due to the allegations. Lots of his fans started posting online and charged him with accusations. 

Quinton got accused by his fans of sexual harassment in November 2020. One of his fans has even created a Twitter account named, BewareQFlynn. 

According to those fans, they interacted with the voice actor Quinton online through the social media platform. They claim that he would send messages and leave comments. 

However, these allegations are not being proved and are based only on the claims of his fans. 

Quinton Flynn- Was He Found Innocent?

Quinton reacted to the accusations made by fans in April 2021. He denied those claims and gave a lengthy explanation against those statements. 

Although there were a lot of fans accusing him, we are not sure the claim is valid. Even so, the Twitter account that accused Flynn was protected, and the Twitter bio got changed to “I lied.”

As the comments don’t have solid evidence, Flynn has not been charged legally in a law court.  

Quinton Flynn Biography- Is He on Wikipedia? 

Quinton was born on 10 October 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio. He is 56 years old as of August 2021 and will be soon 57 in October 2021. 

He is of American nationality and has a zodiac sign of Libra. He completed his studies at Kent State University and the Bowling Green State University. 

He first made his debut as the voice actor in 1992 and has been on it up to the present. His first work was with Disney classic Aladdin. 

Additionally, Flynn is also the elder brother of Bart Flynn, who is also the voice actor. 

As a successful voice actor, we can find Quinton on the Wikipedia page. He is also on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  

He has his Instagram handle as @quintonflynn1 with 8.35k followers and his Twitter account @quintonflynn with 28.3k followers. 

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