Priscilla Ann Salais Facebook Photos & Bio: San Antonio Woman Arrested for Trapping And Beating Toddlers

Priscilla Ann Salais Facebook Photos & Bio: San Antonio Woman Arrested for Trapping And Beating Toddlers


Priscilla Ann Salais on Facebook: Why was this San Antonio woman arrested? Here is what you need to learn about the case. 

On Saturday, San Antonio police received a 911 call from a mother reporting that her grandkids were confined in a bedroom at Salais’ Highland Park home.

When firefighters arrived, they pushed their way into the room, where two toddlers were discovered.

A 1-year-old girl was allegedly discovered with her hands and feet tied together on the floor.

Likewise, the girl had “obvious injuries,” according to an arrest document acquired by KSAT, including a black eye and a bleeding lip.

As per the reports, a 2-year-old kid was also imprisoned in a playpen that was entirely covered by a table and a baby carrier, making a makeshift cage.

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Both youngsters were highly soiled and wailing, according to police chief William McManus.

Priscilla Ann Salais on Facebook: Why Was San Antonio Woman Arrested?

Salais was arrested on Tuesday after police claimed they found two toddlers battered and tied up in her San Antonio home last weekend. She had legal care of the children but was not their mother.

On Saturday, a witness requested that authorities do a welfare check on the children, a 1-year-old girl, and a 2-year-old boy.

Meanwhile, the girl was allegedly hogtied and showed signs of physical torture inside, while the kid was allegedly imprisoned in a cage.

When authorities came, both youngsters were alleged to be “heavily filthy” and weeping.

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Following that, Salais was charged with two counts of child endangerment on Tuesday, and as she was brought to a Bexar County jail, she told reporters that the claims were “bulls**t.”

Priscilla Ann Salais Age And Wiki

Priscilla Ann Salais’ present age is 37 years old. She allegedly assaulted and restrained two toddlers in her care, according to police.

According to the report, the children were temporarily placed in Salais’ care while CPS investigated their parents for suspicions of physical abuse.

Priscilla’s personal information is being kept under wraps for the time being.

We’ll provide more information about her as soon as it becomes available.

Priscilla Ann Salais Kids And Family

The insight regarding Priscilla Ann Salais’ kids and family hasn’t been made clear at this point.

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Isabella, the children’s mother, claims that Salais is her stepmother and that she has been entrusted with the care of her children.

Moreover, as per a CPS representative, Salais is not a licensed foster care parent in the state of Texas.

According to online jail records, she was arrested on two counts of felony child endangerment.

Chief McManus said the lady may spend years in prison if convicted. Although she has not yet been arraigned, her bail appears to be set at $75,000 for each offense.

Furthermore, Salais’ court date to answer the allegations is unknown.


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