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Prince Andrew Lawsuit And Accusations- What Happened To Virginia Roberts Giuffre?

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Prince Andrew Lawsuit And Accusations- What Happened To Virginia Roberts Giuffre?


Is Prince Andrew A Nonce? Virginia Roberts Giuffre Scandal

Is Prince Andrew a nonce? The sexual abuse allegations against Prince Andrew are getting stronger with many valid proofs. Learn more. 

Prince Andrew is a member of the British Royal family. He is the third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Late Prince Philip.

Currently, he is the Duke of York. He had ascended the title after his marriage with Sarah Ferguson. Moreover, he is also associated with the British military. He was serving in the Royal Navy.

Despite being a Duke and a member of the British Royal family, Prince Andrew is not out of controversies and rumors. Back in November 2019, he was alleged of sexual abuse along with his friend Epstein.

A lady named Virginia Roberts Giuffre had filed a lawsuit making allegations on Prince Andrew for his sexual abuse when she was just 17 years old. Nowadays, Prince Andrew is a hot topic on the Internet.

Until he is proved guilty, Prince Andrew cannot be called the nonce. Currently, he is alleged for sexual abuse to a child and sex trafficking victim by a lady named Virginia Roberts Giuffre. However, he is not pleaded guilty to this date.

The scandal started when BBC Newsnight program aired on 16 November 2019. There was news of Virginia filing a lawsuit against Prince Andrew.

The lady had filed the lawsuit under New York’s Child’s Act. However, Prince Andrew has not admitted to having met and had sexual intercourse with the accuser.

Also, he denied all the allegations saying he does not remember seeing the lady on his entire lifetime. But, there is a photo exposed, where we can see Prince Andrew and Virginia.

Prince Andrew accusations, lawsuit, and latest news- What happened?

Accuser, Virginia Roberts, had accused Prince Andrew of sexually abusing her when she was only 17 years old. In 2019 Virginia had filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew.

As per the allegations, Virginia was a sex trafficked victim, and she was abused by Epstein and Prince Andrew without her consent when she was 17 years old. Jeffrey was a sex trafficker, who committed suicide a few years ago.

The lady had filed the lawsuit under New York’s Child’s Act. Since then, Prince Andrew has resigned all of his public affairs over his ties to his friend Epstein.

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein were close friends, and according to the lady, she was trafficked by Epstein for Prince Andrew. As per BBC, Prine Andrew mentioned not remembering meeting her before.

Now, Prince Andrew is not involved in any public affairs or royal assembly. Despite the allegations, he is denying having met Virginia and the sexual assault. Further investigations are going on.

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