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Pilot Gregory Lynn Wife Melanie Lynn – Age & Wiki – Did He Murder Missing Campers?

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Pilot Gregory Lynn Wife Melanie Lynn – Age & Wiki – Did He Murder Missing Campers?


Pilot Gregory Lynn aged 55 and his wife Melanie Lynn are part of the Jetstar team. He was recently arrested over the disappearance of the two elderly campers. Did he murder the missing Campers?  

Gregory Lynn is an Australian airline pilot. He is an experience check pilot with Jetstar.

Police have been investigating the disappearance of Mr. Hill and Ms. Clay for more than 20 months. They have been investigating with extensive searchers conducted in the Victorian Alps, where the pair were believed to be camping before they vanished.

Reportedly, police had also previously spoken to Greg after identifying his vehicle had been in the area at the time the pair went missing. The case escalated suddenly in recent days and had the Victoria Police’s special operations group called in at short notice to fly to the area in two helicopters and make the arrest.

Pilot Gregory Lynn is married to his wife Melanie Lynn.

Melanie Lynn is a flight attendant and she is also the poster girl for Jetstar.  However, Melanie Lynn doesn’t have his very personal Wikipedia web page.

In addition, Lynn has provided insight into the couple’s amazing life and how they came to be together. It is when she also revealed that she met her husband while they were working together overseas.

Further, according to her neighbors, she is described as a loving and caring person.

How Old is Gregory Lynn?

Gregory Lynn’s age is currently 55 years old.

However, his exact birth date has not yet been revealed to the public.

Gregory Lynn Arrested- Did He Murder Missing Campers?

Gregory Lynn was reportedly arrested on November 22, 2021, at the remote campsite in Victoria’s high country.

He was tracked through Google Maps and is now in custody in relation to the suspicious disappearance of missing campers Carol Clay and Russell Hill.

Additionally, his car was seized by the police because it looked of the same make and model that the detectives spotted in the Wonnangatta Valley where the campers went missing in March 2020. Since he owned a similar car but with different color, police believed that he painted Beige to Blue to avoid detection.

As of now, the police are interviewing Greg at the Sale police station and had not laid charges. Further, police are still investigating and it has not yet been confirmed that he actually murdered the missing Campers.

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