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Peter Meijer Biography, Wikipedia And Wife Gabriella Meijer – Net Worth, Family and Age

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Peter Meijer Biography, Wikipedia And Wife Gabriella Meijer – Net Worth, Family and Age


Peter Meijer Wife Gabriella Meijer – Net Worth Family and Age

Peter Meijer is an American Politician. Learn more about Peter Meijer Wife Gabriella Meijer and their relationship.

Peter Meijer is a member of the Republican Party. In the August 2020 election, Peter Meijer was able to earn a 50% vote winning the Republican Primary. 

Peter Meijer was also involved with the U.S army in Iraq. Peter was assigned the responsibility of the intelligence unit in the Baghdad area, which was in the year 2010. 

Peter Meijer is currently the U.S Representative for Michigan’s 3rd congressional district. Peter assumed this responsibility in this position in 2021.

Among the ten republicans to vote for Donald Trump’s impeachment, Peter was one of them. 

Peter Meijer Wife Gabriella Meijer

The wife of Peter Meijer is Gabriella Meijer Zacarias. Gabriella and Peter met at Columbia University and were college lovers for a long time until they got married in 2017. 

Peter Meijer’s wife Gabriella is a native of Brazil. She first lived in South Florida in the US and later moved to New York. 

Gabriella Meijer studied major in Neuroscience and Economics. She is also known as Kluge Scholar at Columbia University. 

Peter Meijer Net Worth

The exact amount of Net Worth of Peter Meijer is not known. However, Peter is certainly a billionaire and one of the wealthiest politicians in the United States. 

Peter Meijer is estimated to have a Net Worth of around $2-3 billion. Peter’s family stands as one of the richest in Michigan State, with around a net worth of $6 billion dollars. 

Peter is one of the wealthiest politicians in the Republican Party. The young politician’s wealth is said to be similar to Donald Trump, J.B Pritzker, and Jim Justice. 

Meijer Family

Peter Meijer comes from a rich business family. Peter’s father, Henk Meijer is a billionaire who owned the Supercenter store in Michigan and additional 230+ stores. 

Similarly, Peter’s uncle Doug Meijer is also a businessman. Henk Meijer and Doug Meijer, two brothers, are well-known billionaires in their time. 

The name of Peter Meijer’s mother is not mentioned anywhere. However, Liesel Litzenburger is Peter’s stepmom and his father’s second wife.

How old is Peter? Peter Meijer Age

The American Politician, Peter Meijer, is aged 33. Peter was born on January 10, 1988, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. 

At a very young age, Peter has excelled in his career to a different level. The bright politician has a long way to go in American Politics. 

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