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Peter Bleksley Wikipedia, Biography : Everything You Need To Know

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Peter Bleksley Wikipedia, Biography : Everything You Need To Know

See If Peter Bleksley Has A Wikipedia Page or Not. He is a fearless detective and has a duo role with his profession. Find out everything about Peter Age Wife and Net Worth who is also a journalist by profession.

Peter was a member of Scotland Yards undercover until in the 1980s.

Currently, he is the director and co-owner of a business intelligence company.


Peter Bleksley Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

Peter Bleksley is not found on Wikipedia.

However, he uses Twitter and Instagram.

As of now, he has 3993 followers and has posted 175 posts on his Instagram. Most of his feeds are related to his work.

In addition, he also works on his own project called “A Million Steps in May” which is a charity to help families, and friends who have lost their lives through Murder and Manslaughter.

Click on this link to know more details on his fundraising project.

He is seriously active on his 15 miles every day to support his important cause.


Peter is a former cop and undercover detective who spent over twenty years chasing the most wanted criminals.

At present, Bleksley is hunting Kevin Parle, who is one of Britain’s most wanted fugitives.

Parle is on the run case for killing an innocent young mum of three and a child.

He is a suspect in both killings but hot bailed while the police investigated an alibi which later turned out to be false.

On the other hand, Peter Bleksley has taken the huge mission to track Parle down and bring justice.

Peter Bleksley Age: How Old Is He?

Peter Bleksley is 61 years old.

His birth details have not been revealed as of now.

Peter Bleksley: Wife and Family?

Information regarding Bleksley’s wife is not disclosed.

There is no news if the former detective is married.

However, he shares pictures of his 92-year-old mother on his Instagram post.

What Is His Net Worth? 

According to NetWorthPost, Peter Bleksley’s estimated net worth is around $600,000.

The accurate range of his fortune is yet to get explored, though.

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