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Paeka and Amador Drama Exposed: Youtube Video and More To Know

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Paeka and Amador Drama was Exposed. You might be wondering what actually happened between them.

Paeka and Amador drama is taking over TikTok as well as YouTube. The controversy started in the comment section where Amador replied to an unknown TikTok user.

In turn, Amador released a YouTube video ‘The lies must be stopped’ after Paeka and Gero got engaged in a TikTok drama of their own.

Paeka and Amador Drama Exposed

Paeka and Amador drama is getting absolute frenzy on social media.

In fact, the drama between Paeka and Amador commenced after making comments by him on TikTok.

It all kicked off when Amador had posted a dance video with Paeka on TikTok. The dance video caught a lot of the limelight of TikTok audiences across the world. Following this, Amador went to post a similar dance video, but with another female friend.

Apparently, a TikTok user named teaspillerxd8 captured Amador’s comment section where one user asked – one user asked: “How come you didn’t grab her like you did Miss Paeka.” To this, Amador replied: “Cuz Ms. P wanted me to grab her like that.”

In turn, this went to caught Paeka’s attention as well and she commented: “Lmao um?? False.”. After this, several people lambasted Amdor for lying and making stories.

More On YouTube Video

Paeka and Amador drama has been a content title for Youtube Video right now.

Following the counterblast, Amador released a video explaining what really happened in Paeka and Amador’s drama.

He titled the video “the lies must be stopped”. The video is over 14 minutes where Amador talks about his time with Paeka. For his defence, he stated that he was not lying about what he said in the comment section.

Moreover, Amador ended the video by calling Paeka to tell the actual truth behind the drama.

Paeka TikTok: Is She Active?

Paeka is immensely active on TikTok.

We can find Paeka’s TikTok account under the username @paekadegallo. On her TikTok, she has already amassed more than 1.8M followers and 178M likes.

Moreover, her TikTok bio is ‘Self love is the best love’.

Paeka Real Name 

Paeka real name is Paeka Campos.

Well, better known as Paeka on almost every social media platform, she is also known by the name Paeka de Gallo.

Moving on, she has already echoed her name across the globe with her amazing lip-sync and dance videos on her TikTok account.

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