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Paeka and Gero Drama: How Long Were Paeka and Gero Together?

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Paeka and Gero Drama: How Long Were Paeka and Gero Together?

Paeka and Gero have created a drama on the internet after announcing their split.

Paeka and Gero were considered to be some of the most popular couples on social media. They had been making TikTok videos together, where they often posted prank and vlog videos.

Along with that, they had created their own YouTube channel under the name of Gero & Paeka (not available right now). Amassing more than 130 thousand subscribers, they were clearly everyone’s favorite.

Paeka and Gero Drama Explained

Paeka and Gero’s drama started when Paeka liked a comment in one of her TikTok videos.

The comment stated that women often get slammed for moving on while guys aren’t told anything for cheating. This clearly meant that there was something wrong with their relationship.

@gerohaniriasi never wanted drama or things to come to this, but i have to clear my name.

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After weeks of speculations, Paeka announced that she was no longer dating her partner, Gero. Their fans are disappointed with the news but have wished good luck to both of them starting a new life.

HITC confirms that the drama continued when Paeka had been bashing Gero’s name on social media. Very recently, Gero came forward and cleared the things that he doesn’t want his name in this drama.

How Long Were They Together?

Paeka and Gero had been together for more than a year.

They had announced their relationship in October 2019, and their break-up came in March 2021. This clearly suggests that they had dated for exactly 17 months.

Paeka, the 19-years-old stunning TikTok star, and Gero, the 21-years-old amazing YouTuber, had been sharing an extraordinary relationship. Their TikTok and YouTube videos will be missed by many.

Why did Paeka and Gero Split? What Really Happened To Them?

The real reason behind Paeka and Gero’s split remains unknown.

Paeka confirms that their split has harmed her life in many ways. She confessed that Gero remained unfaithful in their relationship, which broke her heart.

However, Gero revealed that Paeka was the one who cheated on their relationship. We hope to see more of them in the coming days as the drama continues.


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