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One Good Street Matiu Bush: Everything You Need To Know

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One Good Street Matiu Bush: Everything You Need To Know

Who is Matiu Bush? Know about the recently fired manager of infection control. It turns out his work is already popular in Australia.  

It is the 68th day in Victoria, Australia, since no local COVID-19 cases have been reported from the area.

However, the government has accused someone inside the prevention department of breaking COVID rules. He is none other than the former manager, Matiu Bush.

Who is Matiu Bush? Everything on His Wikipedia

Matiu Bush’s Wikipedia page is not written yet.

Matiu Bush is a strategist and clinical designer in Victoria, Australia. He was serving as the manager of infection prevention and control at Victoria’s hotel quarantine program.

However, he has recently backed down from the position following protocol breaching allegations.


According to reports, Bush is currently under investigation for both misconduct and improper behavior. In addition to his alleged bad attitude, the Australian ministry reviews him for breaking health protocols twice.

The first allegation includes refusing to take a daily COVID-19 test at one hotel site. Similarly, the second one includes visiting a coffee shop and entering back to the hotel without proper sanitization.

Meet Matiu’s Wife and Family Members

Bush’s wife’s details are currently not known.

Following his job termination, Bush has been really quiet. In fact, he has deactivated all of his social accounts. On the other hand, he is receiving massive backlash from Australian netizens.

The clinical manager is a nursing graduate of the University of Canberra. Similarly, he pursued his Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Melbourne.

Furthermore, he also attended Monash University to an obtained a certificate in Health Management.

His Net Worth as the Founder of One Good Street

Matiu Bush’s net worth is not explored yet.

But he might have earned a handsome fortune.

Bush is currently serving as the board member of Bally Cara. Similarly, he is also involved with the Institute of Health Transformation. Furthermore, he is a deputy editor for the Journal of Health Design.


Matiu Bush is mostly known for One Good Street.

He found the organization in 2018 as an initiative to help older people in the country. In 2020, the Probono named Bush among 25 influential people of the Australian Social sector.


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