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Olivia Vasquez Gives A Four-Chair Turn Performance- Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Instagram

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Olivia Vasquez Gives A Four-Chair Turn Performance- Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Instagram


Blind Auditions: Olivia Vasquez The Voice – Wikipedia Age Parents And Boyfriend

In the blind auditions, Olivia Vasquez gave an extraordinary performance in The Voice. Read the article to know about her age and parents.

Olivia Vasquez is an Australian nationality, who has an outstanding voice and energy with her song. 

Vasquez is currently a contestant at The Voice and has also made her theatre debut in the Australian premiere of The Bodyguard-The Musical. She potrays the role of Monique in the show.

Olivia Vasquez is the contestant from The Voice. She is also a music graduate from the Australian Institute of Music with a degree in Bachelor of Music majoring in Musical Theatre.

She wow the judge on the stage with the blind audition, and it was a four-chair turn for Olivia. Further, Vasquez sang Demi Lovato titled song “Sorry Not Sorry” at the Voice Australia 2021 Season 10 Audition.

Olivia Vasquez Wikipedia 

Olivia Vasquez’s biography is not found on Wikipedia. However, we are able to get background information about her on other websites. 

She has not mentioned anything about her parents and family. But, we are certain that her family resides somewhere in Australia. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to get her parent’s names. 

Furthermore, Vasquez released her debut single ‘Move Onʼ, in April 2020 during a time of worldwide heartache. She had mentioned that she holds the song dear to her heart.

Olivia Vasquez Age- How Old? 

Olivia Vasquez’s age is 25 years old. 

At the age of 25, Olivia has been recognized as being the lead vocalist in Dia de los Muertos Latin Show premiering In Papua New Guinea.

Get To Know Olivia Vasquez Boyfriend- Is She Dating? 

Olivia Vasquez is dating Jake Tyler, who is her current boyfriend. 

Jake is the co-founder of Jazz & Soul Duo. 

Moreover, Jake has featured in TV commercials such as Mamma Mia, Hungry Jacks, KFC, and most recently CC&Dry in 2021.

He has also appeared as a guest in MAKO Island Of Secrets, Mortified, and A Place To Call Home.

Meet Olivia Vasquez On Instagram

Olivia Vasquez is active on Instagram under the username @olivia_clare_vasquez

So far, she has 3k followers with 318 posts. 

Vasquez has shared many pictures of her boyfriend and her singing journey. 

How Much Is Olivia Vasquez Net Worth?

Olivia Vasquez net worth in unvaiable. 

Looking through her profession and success, Olivia has achieved all these years; without any doubt, she has earned decent earnings from singing. 

Not only singing, but Vasquez has also signed with Vivienne’s modeling agency company. This also assures that Olivia lives a comfortable life and earns a good fortune.

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