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Olivia Popham Texas Age, Husband and Obituary – Did She Commit Suicide Or Car Accident? Death Cause

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Olivia Popham Texas Age, Husband and Obituary – Did She Commit Suicide Or Car Accident? Death Cause

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Olivia Popham, a 21-year-old mother who posted a suicide note on Facebook has sadly passed away due to a car accident. Was it an accident or a suicide? Let us learn about the incident in the following article below, including her age, husband, and baby.

Olivia Popham was a mother of two small children who died in a car accident after posting a suicide note on Facebook.

In fact, before her accident, she posted a video on her social media account. As soon as she released her final video while spilling everything, people are demanding justice for her.

Moreover, after the video of the 21-year-old mother surfaced on the internet and following her quite fatal death, it is causing mayhem.

Obituary: Who Is Olivia Popham Texas? Suicide Or Car Accident

The 21-year-old, Olivia Popham was also a mother of her two young children who sadly passed away after a car accident.

In fact, speculations have aired on the internet that the accident was actually a suicide since Olivia was suffering from high depression and failed married life.

As per the reports, Olivia Popham, 21, was driving a 2017 Nissan Sentra in the direction of State Highway 19 when she collided with Winona resident Travis Pittman, 33, who was driving a 2012 Ford truck. Furthermore, Popham’s Nissan crossed the middle line and collided head-on with the pickup.

Popham was declared dead on the spot. Pittman was taken to UT Health in Athens by EMS for treatment of his injuries.

The inquiry is currently underway, and no other information is available at this time, according to the news statement.

Olivia Popham Age And Wiki

As previously stated, Bolivia Popham’s age is 21 years old.

She does not have an official Wikipedia page, however, she has been receiving a lot of media attention following her video and the tragic accident which took her life.

She lived in Texas with her two children. Anyone who viewed her most recent video was moved to tears by her obvious sorrow, which made viewers emotional as well.

Countless users expressed their condolences as soon as her video became viral, but no one expected her to die away.

Olivia Popham Husband & Baby

Olivia Popham did not have a healthy relationship with her husband, in fact, she was separated from her husband.

According to exclusive reports or sources, she was depressed, and before dying, she released a video.

Moreover, in the video, she expressed her inability to deal with depression and urged that if she died, do not give adequate custody to her husband because she does not trust him in matters of upbringing her two children.

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