Olivia Modling Age Difference With Husband Will Forte – Meet Her On Instagram

Olivia Modling Age Difference With Husband Will Forte – Meet Her On Instagram


The middle-aged wife of Will Forte, Olivia Modling is decade-younger than her husband. The couple shares a daughter named Zoe.

Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte is a married man.

Well, it may come as a surprise for most of his fans but what better than surprise your own parents with a wedding.

Forte, who had been secretly married for over 4 months have finally revealed about his wedding and has took the internet by storm.

The actor was secretive about his marital life until now and with the recent announcement, his fans are wasting no time in congratulating the new couple.

Meanwhile, people are turning their eyes on to find more about the woman who Forte madly fell for. Here is what we know about his wife Olivia Modling but first let’s start with.

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While Olivia Modling has not revealed about her age, Will Forte, 51, is an elder husband to his wife.

Modling, who had completed her studies in 2013, is believed to be in her early-30s.

Meanwhile, Will Forte who is set to celebrate his 52nd birthday on next year’s June 17 seems to be much older than his wife Olivia Modling. However, the couple looks absolutely lovely when clicked together.

Will and Olivia were engaged right before the Covid-19 pandemic locked the United States in 2020 and waited until a year to call themselves a husband and wife as they married on the 31st July 2021.

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In the meantime, the couple became pregnant and parented a lovely daughter Zoe while on a quarantine.

Reports states, the lovebirds met for the first time at a party thrown by a mutual friend in 2018 and soon started to date to finally come out to the public as partners in 2019.

The couple tied the knot with a short notice to their parents in the backyard of Jorma Taccone’s house in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Meet Will Forte Wife Olivia Modling On Instagram

Olivia Modling does not appear on the picture-sharing platform but is available on Twitter as @oliviam415.

Modling is not a social media person just like her husband. Although Will has an account on Instagram, he is rarely active on the platform.

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Forte, who provides an insight into his professional details has yet to post a couple picture on the platform.

Olivia Modling Job And Ethnicity Details

Olivia Modling is an employee of Synergy Global Entertainment and her job is to look after the distribution and brand partnership department.

It is a boutique festival agency which produces and markets the large scale live music festivals, tours, and events.

The University of Alabama graduate Modling is an American woman with a white ethnic background.

She is from Santa Monica, California.

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