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Oliver Daemen Net Worth 2021: Somerset Capital Partners Founder Son Is Going To Space

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Oliver Daemen Net Worth 2021: Somerset Capital Partners Founder Son Is Going To Space


Oliver Daemen will be flying to space with his wealthy father who has billions in net worth. Let’s explore the details of Somerset Capital earnings. 

Oliver is a material science understudy. He is set to make a trip to space on July 20 with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

Somerset Capital: Oliver Daemen Net Worth

Somerset Capital founder’s son Oliver Daemen’s net worth is a mystery.

Daemen may not have a fortune of his own as he is a student at the moment. But his father is a businessman who has a net worth of around a billion dollars.

No doubt, anyone must be rich enough to manage a $28 million worth spaceflight ticket. This is what Oliver did in an auction earning a chance to travel to space with Blue Origin.

But Oliver is yet to earn a salary of his own because he is not working anywhere at the moment. As a result, it seems more likely that his multimillionaire father got the ticket for him.


Oliver Daemen Parents – Meet His Father Joes Daemen

Oliver Daemen’s parents are Joes Daemen and Eline Daemen.

Daemen’s father Joe is one of the wealthy businessmen in the world. In fact, he has almost a billion-dollar worth of assets in his name.

Joes Daeman is the owner and the founder of Somerset Capital Partners. It is reportedly the largest hedge fund in the Netherlands.

Oliver’s dad started working in the financial market after graduating from the University of Wageningen. His first job was as a broker.

Today, Joes has been able to send his son to space buying an expensive ticket for him. Indeed, very few fathers are able to live this life.


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Oliver Daemen Age – How Old Is He?

Oliver Daemen’s age is 18 years old.

Daemen hails from Tilburg in the North Brabant province of the Netherlands. It seems he was born and raised here.

Also, Oliver completed his high school education just a year ago. He is now pursuing a private pilot license in Malaga, Spain.

Interestingly, Oliver is set to be the youngest man ever to make a spaceflight. The teenager is living his dream at the moment.

Is Oliver Daemen on Wikipedia?

Oliver Daemen has a Wikipedia biography.

But the page is in the French language. His bio was added on the platform as soon as the news about his possible space journey surfaced in the media.

Oliver is all over Twitter at present. He is getting tremendous fame ahead of traveling space with Jeff Bezos and Mark Bezos.


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