Obituary: Where Is Gerry Charlebois Wife Julie Mann Now? Death Cause Revealed

Obituary: Where Is Gerry Charlebois Wife Julie Mann Now? Death Cause Revealed
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Gerry Charlebois is survived by Julie Mann, his betrothed wife. Get all the latest deets on people surrounding around the late Gerry’s life here below!

Gerry Charlebois was the star among the ultralight pilot in Kauai, Hawaii.

His sudden death in 2014 during an unforeseen plane crash broke everyone’s hearts.

The news of Charlebois’s death became days of mourning for the people in Kauai as he left behind his notable works in educating the new generation of ultralight pilots.

Moreover, he often hit the headlines despite being gone for many years as of 2022.

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Where Is Gerry Charlebois Wife Julie Mann Now?

Gerry Charlebois was soon to be married to his future wife, Julie Mann.

Julie was his girlfriend at that time who was very interactive with the media talking bout Charlebois’s death.

Julie’s current whereabouts are yet to be precisely traced down by our close sources.

However, in 2014 she was still working as the operations manager of Birds in Paradise.

Birds in Paradise is a powered hang glider school and tour company on Kauai.

Charlebois was the owner of the school and together, the couple looked after their business.

It is likely that Julie may have inherited the school and is running it with full attention to preserving the legacy of her late boyfriend.

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Gerry Charlebois Death Cause Explored

Gerry Charlebois’s death cause is the March 2014’s plane crash.

He was the pilot while Mark McKenzie was the only passenger in Special Light-Sport Aircraft.

The aircraft was owned by Charlebois’s pilot school, Birds in Paradise.

The crash was the first crash in the area after a 2011 plane crash.

As expected, the whole state mourned the death of Charlebois that day.

Gerry Charlebois Age Revealed

Gerry Charlebois’s age was 54 years old at the time of his death in 2014.

He was probably one of the world’s top ultralight pilots given his veteran experience in the field.

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Charlebois founded the company in 1990 and even gained an FAA certificate on his aircraft.

He was also the photojournalist of the year in 1997 by the U.S. Ultralight Association.

Charlebois was also the producer of two films about Kaua’i, “Epic Kaua’i” and “Extreme Kaua’i.”

Meet Gerry Charlebois Children

Gerry Charlebois’s family life information including his children’s whereabouts is not accessible at the moment.

We will update this section right after we track down his family very shortly.

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