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Obituary: Cole Anello Parents, Age Family And Death Cause -Car Accident Near Ballwin

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Obituary:Cole Anello Biography, Wikipedia, Parents, Age Family And Death Cause -Car Accident Near Ballwin


Born and raised by his parents in Missouri, young student Cole Anello has passed away along with 3 other people in a terrible car accident. Here is everything you need to know. 

Recently, on November 16, 2021, a car was struck by a tree, it caught fire, and the people in the car had fatal injuries.

Upon investigations, it was revealed that all the people were high school students aged about 16 years old and they had lost their lives to the terrible incident.

One of those was a student and high school football player named Cole Anello who is said to be a very good person by his colleges and known ones.

After the death of such an amazing personality, people are very devastated, and as per reports, many didn’t believe that it had actually happened until they heard the official news.

Indeed, concerns regarding his parents, age, family, death cause, and related matters are at their peak on the web and are still rising rapidly.

To be specific, there is nothing yet available to say about the parents of Cole Anello specifically.

However, considering the fact that he was studying at a high school in Missouri, he was probably born and grew up there.

The same thing is about his family because there are no precise details, but the minor assumptions about the members and his family, which lives in St.louis county, Missouri.

Considering the fact that a young man from a family is dead, they are surely very devastated and saddened to lose one of their loved ones.

Many of his friends and close ones have given different statements but none of his family members, or his parents, have stated anything about the incident to the media yet.

Police have not yet confirmed the names of the three teens who died, however there are crosses with three names on them at the crash site.

De Smet High School has confirmed Cole Anello is one who passed. @KMOV

— Jenna Rae (@journalismjenna) November 14, 2021

Cole Anello Age Revealed: How Old Was He?

The age of young Missouri-based high school student who passed away in an accident, Cole Anello, was just 16 years old at the time of his death.

Well, his exact date of birth or birthday is not revealed yet, but considering the information all the official web sources are providing, we have extracted his age to be 16.

Cole Anello is one of the three high school students who were killed in this morning’s car accident in West St. Louis County. If you’re able to donate, a GoFundMe page has been created for his family. Thank you to everyone for your kind words today.

— Laura B-Gun laws save lives (@LauraAnnSTL) November 15, 2021

Cole Anello Death Cause: Car Accident Near Ballwin

You might have already realized by now, that the cause of Cole Anello’s death is a car accident.

The concerned authorities found a car which had hit a tree and was on fire, and inside, there were 5 teenagers aged about 16 years old.

It seemed like the vehicle went out of control, hit the tree which made the engine burst, and started the fire.

This accident happened near Baldwin, and nobody had any idea why those 5 people were on a car in that road.

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