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Obituary and Fact: Michael Culpepper Murder Or Suicide – Everything To Know About Xamegga Whitfield Boyfriend

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Obituary and Fact: Michael Culpepper Murder Or Suicide – Everything To Know About Xamegga Whitfield Boyfriend

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Murder or Suicide? Michael Culpepper reportedly killed his girlfriend Xamegga and later shot himself in the middle of the road.

Michael Culpepper was a young man based in North Carolina who is recognised to be the person who killed Xamegga Whitfield.

The news started circulating last Thursday on October 21 that a young man had killed his engaged girlfriend and also shot himself later.

This incident quickly caught the headlines as several news sources as well as other people online started expressing their opinion regarding it.

In the meantime, another opinion also emerged among the public as some of them questioned if the incident was actually murder or a suicide.

Hence, here we discuss the details about the incident as we also take a look at the personal life and family of Michael Culpepper.

Obituary: Michael Culpepper Murder Or Suicide- What Happened?

Apparently, the incident involved both murder and suicide as Michael Culpepper reportedly killed Xamegga Whitfield.

Law And Crime while addressing the incident has clearly reported the news that circulated as Michael killing his girlfriend Xamegga and later shooting himself in the middle of the road.

According to police officials, Culpepper first shot his girlfriend Whitfield and she died at the place which makes it murder.

Similarly, after killing his girlfriend, he also shot himself with the gun that he had in his hand which also makes the incident a suicide.

Furthermore, the investigators also confirmed the exact happening after they checked the nearby surveillance camera.

In fact, one of the officers is also reported to have seen the suicide in front of his eyes as he saw Culpepper shoot himself with the gun that he had in his hand.

Hence, it was both murder and suicide, both committed by Xamegga’s boyfriend Michael.

Xamegga Whitfield Boyfriend Michael Culpepper: Are They Both Dead?

Both Xamegga Whitfield and her boyfriend Michael Culpepper are dead following the shooting incident that took place on Oct. 21.

According to news reports, Whitfield died at the scene whereas Culpepper passed away at a nearby hospital.

Following the incident, other information surfaced stating that they were actual couples and had been staying together for some time.

However, they had some arguments and Whitfield moved to her mother’s house as she was looking to get separated.

A few hours later, Michael killed both his girlfriend and himself.

Michael Culpepper’s age was 20 years old while his girlfriend Xamegga Whitfield was 25 years old at the time of death.

Michael Culpepper Family Details

The family members of both Michael Culpepper and his girlfriend Xamegga spoke about their relationship after the incident.

Although their identities are not revealed due to privacy reasons, Xamegga’s sister Cierra bell opened up about what had happened earlier to the incident.

Bell said that her sister was moving to her mother’s house after the argument and Michael had busted her mother’s rent a car window while moving the stuff.

This scene had already scared Xamegga of the breakup which eventually led to an even scarier incident.

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