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Mpura and Killer Kau Accident Video Viral, Death Reason And Cause, Kabza Is Alive Or Dead?- Everything To Know

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Mpura and Killer Kau Accident Video Viral, Death Reason And Cause, Kabza Is Alive Or Dead?- Everything To Know

Mpura and Killer Kau Accident Video

Death news of Amapiano musical artists named, “Killer Kau” and “Mpura” is spreading on social media like a wildfire and fans cannot help but mourn over the passing of their beloved musical artist. Though it has not been confirmed by the local officials, if the information at hand is to be believed then, it has been said that the pair was on their way to a performance in Rustenburg when they encountered a tragic car crash. Moreover, it has been reported that apart from the duo, there were another person in the car who was earlier reported to be a South African DJ, record producer and artist, Kabelo Petrus Motha, famously knowns as Kabza De Small, among his followers.



Mpura and Killer Kau Accident Video

As of now, no official statement has been released by the local police officials nor from the sides of the deceased family members, however, the fans are relieved to know that Kabza de Small is alive. Yes, the king of the Amapiano genre is sound and safe and it has been confirmed by none other than but Small himself. Small took over his social media account and assured his fans that he was with the Killer Kau and Mpura the day before the accident happened, however, he was not with them when the tragic car crash took place. Small has not talked much about the accident, and it somehow looks like the musician is also not much aware of the accident too.

The news of Kau and Mpura’s passing came as a shocking piece of news for everyone especially for the family, friends and fans and they are having a hard to believe it too. Both Mpura and Kau are known as Amapiano genre artists and were believed to be the upcoming rising stars in the South African musical industry, however, their tragic and untimely death has left everyone in complete despair, shock and pain. Many people including other local and fellow artists are paying tribute to the two deceased shining stars over social media.

Musician Zano took over his social account and wrote that he did not know Mpura personally, however, he along with the rest of South Africans were aware of his obvious work and ethics. The child delivered hit after hit and took our house music style, Amapiano on the world map. He sent his condolences to the family of Mpura and to his friends. Rapper Riky Rick also took over his Instagram handle and paid tribute to both the Amapiano artist, especially to Mpura. We also pay our heartfelt solace to the family of the deceased and to those who are affected by this passing. May their soul rest in peace.


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