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Moneybagg Yo and Young Dolph Beef Explained -Who Was Killed In Grandma House Shooting?

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Moneybagg Yo and Young Dolph Beef Explained -Who Was Killed In Grandma House Shooting?


Moneybagg Yo and Young Dolph did not share much beef compared to Dolph’s deadly brawn with other Memphis rappers. Get more insights into these rappers’ bonds below!

Moneybagg Yo and Young Dolph are rappers and hip-hop artists from Memphis, Tennessee.

Known for their passion and influence over the area’s music and lifestyle, these two are some of the prominent names in the industry.

Sadly, Young Dolph died in a shootout by an unidentified man while cookie shopping for his mother.

The rapper’s death has created an uproar in Memphis as human rights and life security have been questioned.

Moneybagg Yo and Young Dolph did not share much beef, including one time when they had a brawl on Twitter.

However, the incident did not significantly impact their relationship as they still share respect for each other.

According to The Source, back in April, Young Dolph took his Twitter to rant on Memphis rappers in along series of his tweets.

He did not name any person on his tweets, but netizens were quick to direct the rapper’s tweets towards Moneybagg Yo.

Dolph had tweeted, “Y’all rappers must be competing with each other on who can be the lamest. sh*t sad,” at first.

Later his tweets went viral, and netizens started pulling many other rappers’ names to the rant list.

However, Moneybagg Yo did not respond quickly to such attacks and maintained his professional bond with the late rapper.

Now that Young Dolph is no more, Moneybagg Yo has dedicated his career start credits to him.

In one of his 2016 mixtapes, Young Dolph made a guest appearance for which Moneybagg Yo had won a Memphis Hip Hop Award for Mixtape of the Year.

Grandma House Shooting: Moneybagg Yo and Young Dolph-Who Was Killed?

Moneybagg Yo and Young Dolph were not victims of the grandma house shooting.

To be precise, the grandma house shooting incident did not happen at all.

Young Dolph died in a broad-daylight shootout when he was shopping at a cookie shop. A masked man fired at him while coming into a car.

The intensity of his death has caused the whole of Memphis to obtain strict rule-following in the ongoing investigations.

In such a situation, Young Dolph’s rival rappers, Yo Gotti and Balc Youngsta have been suspected to be linked with the death of the late rapper.

It happened so as Gotti shares long years of rivalry with him while Youngsta had fired more than 100 shots at his SUV back in 2017.

With such a dire situation going in for the Memphis rappers, Youngsta’s grandma is rumored to be a victim of a shootout.

Thankfully, it is just a rumor, as confirmed by Action 5 News reporter Joyce Peterson via a tweet.

Likewise, Moneybagg Yo is alive and thriving. He recently performed in a live performance show, per his Instagram.

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