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Mo Hayder Author Clare Dunkel Dies At The Age Of 59- Death Cause Revealed

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Mo Hayder Author Clare Dunkel Dies At The Age Of 59- Death Cause Revealed


Who Is Clare Dunkel? Author Partner Age, Husband and Death Cause

Who is Clare Dunkel? Meet the author who died at the age of 59.

Beatrice Clare Dunkel was a crime and fiction author who wrote around ten books under Mo Hayder. One of her novels, The Book of Sand, will be published in 2022.

According to Daily Mail, she is considered Britain’s most glamorous writer. In 1982, she won the beauty pageant, Miss Nude.

Author Clare Dunkel was an ex-glamor model and actress. Her role as a ditzy secretary in Are You Being Served? is still prevalent.

Apart from that, her appearance in The Two Ronnies is also famous worldwide. Moreover, she rose to fame as a Page 3 model and appearing in multiple British sitcoms.

In the 1980s, Clare had a big dream to become the most beautiful woman on Earth. She wanted to win the Miss World title very badly.

After years of acting, she moved to Tokyo, thinking of becoming a geisha. But, instead, she worked as a Tokyo club hostess and taught English to Japanese students.

She lived an isolated life in Japan who lived in a room and went out only for work. Reportedly, she was punishing herself for ‘not getting her act together.’

While working there, one of her friends was raped. Since then, Clare got interested in writing crime stories.

After the incident, she witnessed multiple people dying in front of her own eyes. Then, she moved to New York and studied film and cartoon animation. 

In 1995, she wrote her first novel, Birdman. Her work was published in 1999 under her pen name, Mo Hayder.

Who Is Clare Dunkel Partner? Love Life Explored

Clare Dunkel was married to her partner, Bob Randall. Interestingly, they had tied the knot this year, 2021.

Previously, her spouse was Gary Olsen. Reportedly, they wed in 1985 and got divorced five years later.

It was then when Clare decided to ditch her persona. We can confirm that she was heartbroken after her first marriage broke.

Well, the former couples didn’t have any children. Nevertheless, Clare is survived by her only daughter, Lotte, who was born to Bob.

Novelist Clare Dunkel Age Revealed

Clare Dunkel was just 59 years old when she left the world. According to Wikipedia, she was born on January 2, 1962.

Moreover, she was 25 years old when she escaped the United Kingdom. Furthermore, her other pen name is Theo Clare.

Reportedly, Clare was the daughter of John Bastin and Susan Hollins. Her father was an astrophysicist, while her mother was a teacher.

Where Is Clare Dunkel Husband Today?

Clare Dunkel’s husband, Bob Randall, resides outside of Bath, England. Well, she died at her home where the couple had just begun a newly married life.

Speaking about Bob, he is a retired police sergeant. We send our love and condolence to Clare’s entire household.

Moreover, her first husband, Gary Olsen, was a London-based actor. He worked in popular shows like 2point4 ChildrenProspectsUp ‘n’ Under, etc.

Writer Clare Death Cause: How Did She Die?

Clare Dunkel’s death cause was the complications of motor neuron disease. Reportedly, she was diagnosed in December 2020.

Well, she had passed away on July 27, 2021. However, the death was confirmed in an obituary on August 9.

According to Penguin Random House, her fatal disease progressed at an alarming rate. Indeed, she earned a huge name when she was alive.

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