Missing: Steve Bronski Wife Or Partner Name -Was He Married? Bronski Beat Co-Founder Dies At 61

Missing: Steve Bronski Wife Or Partner Name -Was He Married? Bronski Beat Co-Founder Dies At 61


Steve Bronski Wife Or Partner Name, Age Net Worth And Death Cause

Bronski Beat co-founder and keyboardist Steve Bronski died at the age of 61. Steve Bronski wasn’t married, which means he had no partner or wife. 

According to the source, Steve Bronski, a founding member of the groundbreaking British synthpop band Bronski Beat, has died. His age was given as 61 by the BBC. There was no mention of a cause of death.

Jimmy Somerville, a bandmate, characterized him as a “brilliant and highly melodious man.”

Bronski, also known as Steven Forrest, co-founded the band with Larry Steinbachek and Somerville in 1983.

The band’s three members were openly gay, and they used prominent political themes in their music to fight what they saw as the inoffensive tone of the era’s LGBT artists. As a result, they were dubbed “possibly the first real gay group in music history” by Spin magazine in the United States.

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Steve Bronski Wife Or Partner Name -Was He Married?

Steve Bronski never got married or have had any wife or partner. Even if he had, there is no source of information claiming it so. 

Steve is a very low-key kind of person who doesn’t like to keep his personal life in the public’s eye. Furthermore, there is no data regarding his family or even his parents.

However, if anything comes up related to his personal life, we shall inform you too.

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Bronski Beat Co-Founder Steve Bronski Age And Net Worth

According to his former bandmate Jimmy Somerville, BRONSKI Old Beatle Steve Bronski has died suddenly at 61.

With the 1980s synthpop group, the musician had hits with Smalltown Boy and Why?

In 1983, he established the band with Larry Steinbachek and Somerville.

Today, Somerville, who left the band to join The Communards, paid tribute to his former bandmate.

He stated, ” “Steve Bronski’s death comes as a shock. He was a gifted musician with a strong sense of melody.

Steve’s death follows Steinbachek, who died of cancer in 2016 at 56.

Steve Bronski Wikipedia Explored

Bronski grew up in Castlemilk, Glasgow, in “Europe’s largest public housing scheme,” according to Smash Hits.

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He worked as a stagehand, a laborer, and a stock controller in Harrods, as well as playing bass in a country and western band, and he left home “different times.”

In 1983, he relocated to London. He expressed his dissatisfaction with his family’s refusal to recognize his sexuality to Melody Maker in 1984.

Smalltown Boy, Bronski Beat’s debut hit from 1984, depicts the story of a gay youngster fleeing his hometown’s prejudice for an uncertain existence in London.

The number of the London Gay Switchboard was engraved into the inner groove of the record.

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