Missing: Is Lina Sardar Khil Found OK? Parents – Riaz Sardar Khil And Mom Name

Missing: Is Lina Sardar Khil Found OK? Parents – Riaz Sardar Khil And Mom Name


Is Lina Sardar Khil found? Was she abducted? To know everything about the San Antonio incident, keep reading.

Lina Sardar Khil is a three-year-old child who went missing on 20 December 2021.

The authorities are still searching for the child. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus encourages anyone with the information to step forward and contact the department’s Missing Person’s Unit at 210-207-7660.

Hopefully, Lina is OK. 

The police haven’t found Lina Sardar Khil, but the search is ongoing.

She went missing from a San Antonio playground on 20 December 2021 while playing near her family’s apartment complex, 9400 block of Fredericksburg Road. The next day, William said that her mother left her unattended for a brief moment, and her daughter was absent when she returned.

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On Wednesday, 22 December, the Islamic Center put up a reward of $75 thousand for any information that would facilitate Lina’s search. Initially, it was $10 thousand. However, the increment in donations led to the current sum.

Police issued an amber alert the day of the disappearance, seeking the public’s help. On Monday, between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. was the last time people saw the child. McManus said that they were sparing no assets or resources for the search.

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Even after the passing of several days, it remains unknown whether it is the case of abduction or just a child wandering. Authorities are currently searching all over the apartment, including dumpsters and cars. 

Lina was wearing a red dress, black jacket, and black shoes at the time of her disappearance. Weighing almost 25 kilograms, she has brown eyes and straight brown hair with a light skin complexion. As for her height, it is 4 feet.

Lina Sardar Khil Parents

Lina Sardar Khil’s father is Riaz Sardar Khil. As for her mother, her name remains unknown. However, we know that she is pregnant.

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Her parents are worried a lot due to her abrupt disappearance on Monday. Her mom initially speculated on her daughter’s return to the apartment, but it wasn’t the reality. The family suspects foul play.

Lina’s parents are Afghanistan refugees. They fleed to the United States in 2019 after the threats posed to them. After their child vanished, the FBI questioned them for multiple hours on Tuesday. They haven’t slept since the incident.

The Khils filed a missing person report about 7:15 p.m. The family and other residents are fully cooperating in the ongoing investigation.

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