Millionaire Beny Steinmetz Arrested in Greece, What Is His Net Worth In 2021?

Millionaire Beny Steinmetz Arrested in Greece, What Is His Net Worth In 2021?


What Is Beny Steinmetz Net Worth In 2021? Wife Agnes and Arrest Charges

Does Beny Steinmetz’s billion of net worth is out of his fraud? The Israeli businessman is believed to be fraudulent despite having a business.

Illegal mining is an activity that is undertaken secretly without having a permit from the state, particularly in the absence of land rights, mining licenses, or mineral transport permits.

Beny Steinmetz had a red notice issued by the International Criminal Police Organization, commonly referred to as Interpol. He is the owner of Beny Steinmetz Group Resources.

Beny Steinmetz is a diamond tycoon and an advisor to the BSGR Board of Directors. BSGR is involved in the activity in the fields of oil & gas, mining, metal.

Rich white guys never pay from crimes in Africa, right? A hopeful sign: 5year prison sentence for French-Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz. He paid huge bribes to control world’s biggest untapped iron ore deposit, in Guinea. He must pay Guinea €46million

— James Hall (@hallaboutafrica) January 25, 2021

As of 2021, the businessman’s estimated net worth is $1 billion. He went to Belgium in 1978 and started a diamond business founding Steinmetz Diamond Group along with his brother.

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He was born in 1956 in Netanya, Israel, however, he also holds French citizenship and called himself an “international Israeli.” He moved around different countries for business.

His iron ore mining efforts in Guinea started in 2008 had erupted into a political and legal battlefield. He sold 51 percent of the mining rights to Brazilian multinational Vale.

The business tycoon sold it for $2.5 billion in 2010, but by February 2016, he collected only $500 million. Rio Tinto sued BSGR in New York, but it asked to halt the proceedings.

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Steinmetz was kept under house arrest in Israel in connection to bribery allegations against him related to BSGR’s project in Guinea. But BSGR disagrees with the allegations.

He is also a member of Metals & Mining. Wikipedia covers him on its official page, and you can go through it to know more about the businessman and his detail. 

Meet Beny Steinmetz Wife, Agnes

Beny Steinmetz is married to his wife, Agnes. The couple has four kids together. They together started the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation for philanthropy reasons.

The foundation donates to schools, hospitals, army units, and the arts in Israel. It was formed in 2017 which primarily contributied in education, healthcare, and culture for kids.

In 2016, the foundation held a festive event to celebrate a decade of giving. Besides, there is no detail on the couple when they got married and how they are as a married couple.

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What Are Beny Steinmetz Arrest Charges?

He was detained at that Athens airport for transferring data on uplifting the red notice by Interpol that Romania requested. He was convicted of land deals fraud.

#Mining billionaire Beny Steinmetz held in Greece via @CeciliaJamasmie

— mining (@mining) December 9, 2021

The Romanian Supreme court convicted him of fraud. Interpol enforced him five years of imprisonment, but his detention was canceled all over European countries. 

The reason for his detention in Greece is because of a serious breakdown in removing the notice from border controls in Europe. His legal representative Adv. Eitan is handling the case.

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