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Michelle Collins Mom Mary Collins Update: How Did She Die?

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Michelle Collins Mom Mary Collins Update: How Did She Die?

Mary Collins famous as Michelle Collins mother has left her family devastated after her death. Actress Michelle revealed that her mother passed away on April 30, 2021.

Michelle Collins has revealed that her mum Mary Collins passed away, leaving her family sorrowful.

Michelle, a former EastEnders actress, described her mother as the kindest woman she knew. 

Furthermore, she shared the news by sharing a heart-wrenching photo of herself alongside her mother in a cafe.

Mary Collins Michelle Collins Mother Age

Mary Collins age might be between 75-80 at the time of her death.

However, her exact age has not been mentioned anywhere on the internet.

Mary belonged to Wales originally and came from Welsh ethnicity. However, she moved to London later.

She was an intellectual woman who raised her daughter Michelle Collins and went back to University. Michelle was 14 years old when her mother Mary went on to pursue her Law Degree. 

Furthermore, in the 1970s, she was a member of the youth organization, The Woodcraft Folk.

Mary Collins Cause Of Death Revealed 

Michelle confirmed that her mother Mary’s cause of death was cancer.

She mentioned that her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of years ago and was battling with the disease for two years.



She even thanked the Royal Free London NHS’s oncology department for taking care of her mum. 

Moreover, she also appreciated the efforts of @immunotherapyforcancer treatment, which gave her mother a couple more years to live with them.

Who Are Mary Collins Family?

Mary leaves behind her entire family, including her husband, Sid, daughters Vicky, and Michelle.

She was also a grandmother to Charlotte, Jack, and Maia, who misses them a lot. Her nephews, nieces, and her dog nano are also devastated by her demise.

Nonetheless, we believe that the kind soul will definitely rest in peace.


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