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Michael Spavor Jailed For 11 Years In Chine- Here Is The Actual Verdict

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Michael Spavor Jailed For 11 Years In Chine- Here Is The Actual Verdict


Verdict: Michael Spavor Wife And Family – Age, Net Worth And Wikipedia

The Verdict of Michael Spavor is released, and he is going to prison for 11 years. Who Is Michael Spavor Wife? Here’s more insight into the verdict.

Michael Spavor is a Canadian consultant who works in North Korea. Spavor is the director of Paektu Cultural Exchange, a company that encourages financing, investing, and tourism in North Korea.

Michael Spavor was living in Dandong, the Chinese side of the China-North Korea border, when he got taken into custody in December 2018. Spavor’s arrest was interpreted as revenge as Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei executive. 

Michael Spavor’s Verdict Details Revealed

The Chinese court sentenced Michael Spavor to 11 years for espionage or spying in the verdict. 

Spavor frequently traveled to North Korea and was sentenced after being found guilty of illegally providing state data and secrets to foreign nations. The Chinese court revealed that Michael would be deported but did not specify if it was before or after he served a sentence, reports CNN.

Michael Spavor was detained along with Michael Kovrig in December 2018 on the charges of espionage. As per their family members, Spavor and Kovrig are being held in poor conditions without outside contact.

Michael Spavor’s case updates might be made public after the Chinese court decides on it.

In October 2020, Michael Spavor’s wife said that he is unbroken in China detention, reports The Standard.

Spavor’s wife also revealed that he was stunned to hear about the COVID-19 devastation. This was the first contact from Canada with Michael Spavor since January 2020. Spavor got jailed for endangering state security. 

Further details about Michael Spavor’s wife and family are currently private.

Michael Spavor Age And Net Worth Details Explored

Michael Spavor’s age might be in the early 40s.

Spavor was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The details about Michael Spavor’s net worth are currently private.

Is Michael Spavor On Wikipedia?

Michael Spavor is on Wikipedia.

Spavor graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in international relations. Michael’s degree focused on East Asian Studies and Korean Peninsula. He went to the Kangwon National University, South Korea, where he studied International Trade and Political Science.

People have accused China of using Michael Spavor as a political bargaining chip or as hostage diplomacy. The Canadian ambassador to China, Dominic Barton, revealed that he condemned the conviction, reports BBC.

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