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Meet Young Dolph Bodyguard: Did He Kill One of His Suspects?

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Meet Young Dolph Bodyguard: Did He Kill One of His Suspects?


Rapper Young Dolph’s bodyguard is said to have shot one of the killers. Did he kill one of the suspects? Continue to know more.

Rapper Young Dolph was shot to death on Wednesday, November 18, 2021. He was killed buying cookies at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies.

Witnesses who documented the shooting have identified Dolph’s bodyguard. The Internet believes his bodyguard killed one of the suspects.

Young Dolph was an acclaimed hip-hop artist. The American rapper was known for many hits such as Cut ItOn Hundred ShotsScale, etc.

On Thursday, his supporters took to social media to express their condolences to the bereaved family. Following are some recent case updates.

Details on Rapper Young Dolph’s bodyguard are not available on the Internet.

Bystanders at the crime scene, on the other hand, indicate that Dolph was shot while his security was present.

Sources claim that two dark vehicles arrived outside of the cookie store. The cars had a unique and distinguishable camouflaged paint job.

Eventually, Young Dolph was shot multiple times one being in the head. Sadly, the rapper died in front of his daughter and a girl companion.

There were no other injuries in the shooting. Anything more about the murder case is yet to be updated by the Memphis police.

One Of Young Dolph Suspect Was Shot By His Bodyguard

According to a witness, one of Young Dolph’s suspects was shot by his bodyguard.

However, some internet users are still perplexed as to how Dolph was shot if he had security.

If a suspect was really shot, he must have sought medical help or purchasing medications.

Although, Memphis police say there is no evidence of such a shooter at two of the most rumored locations.

New Updates On Young Dolph Murder

Two suspects are being sought in the murder of rapper Young Dolph.

A security camera has captured the footage of two armed individuals with covered faces exiting a Mercedes Benz.

They shot Dolph several times from outside the window. The suspects then easily fled the scene.

There are no signs or descriptions of the killers. However, current allegations claim that one of them was injured by Dolp’s bodyguard.

While the investigation is ongoing, authorities have urged Memphis residents to remain calm. New updates will be released very soon.

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