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Meet Maurice Freeland: Kyle Rittenhouse Assault Update- Jump Kick Man Identified

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Meet Maurice Freeland: Kyle Rittenhouse Assault Update- Jump Kick Man Identified
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Maurice Freeland from Kyle Rittenhouse case has been identified. Here’s everything to know about the assault.

Freeland is known as the convicted felon having a domestic violence charge upon him. Meaww has identified him as a career criminal.

However, he became a hero after trying to stop an active shooter during the Kenosha unrest shooting. Nevertheless, the criminal has had several open cases in Kenosha County including 25 charges over two decades.

Who Is Maurice Freeland? Kyle Rittenhouse Assault Update

Maurice Freeland had reportedly assaulted Maurice Freeland. But, he intended to stop the teenager from using his AR-15.

Although he was unsuccessful, his bravery has been praised by several netizens. Along with Maurice, other individuals including Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutzalso tried to stop Kyle.

During the process, Rittenhouse killed Mr. Huber and injured Gaige. Earlier, he had fatally shot Joseph Rosenbaum.

Apart from just Freeland, Huber and Grosskreutz also had criminal histories on their names. But, their heroics saved several other people from getting injured.

Reportedly, Maurice was out on bond that night. Well, he had assaulted his girlfriend as he kicked her and threw her to the floor.

Moreover, he was considered as the unidentified complainant previously. Currently, the jury is deliberating the five counts.

Earlier in the evening, he and his partner Monalisa N McDuffie were both drinking. At about 12.19 AM, the police reported a call claiming there was family trouble.

Reportedly, the officers took away Maurice’s car keys as neither of the two was in the state of driving. Well, he became furious and started hitting his girlfriend along with other stuff.

Multiple reports claim that a friend had to drop them home. Apart from this assault story, he has been charged with criminal violence, possession of controlled substances, and many more.

Jump Kick Man Identified Maurice

Maurice Freeland is confirmed as the Jump Kick Man from Kyle Rittenhouse’s incident. He has admitted that he kicked him in the head.

After the incident, Kyle fired gunshots at him twice. Luckily, he survived both the shots. Interestingly, Maurice is charged with First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety of the man.

On the other hand, Kyle has been proven not guilty of any of the charges. Indeed, there has been a controversy since the incident happened on August 25, 2020.

Maurice James Freeland Age: How Old Is He?

Maurice James Freeland’s age in 2021 is 39 years. He is yet to provide us with details about his birthday.

You can easily find his photographs on the internet. Seemingly, he doesn’t use social media.

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