Meet James Courtney New Girlfriend Tegan Woodford As The Couple Steps Out, Who Is She?

Meet James Courtney New Girlfriend Tegan Woodford As The Couple Steps Out, Who Is She?


Meet James Courtney New Girlfriend Tegan Woodford

James Courtney is dating his new girlfriend, Tegan Woodford. Find more about the hottest couple in the town. 

An Australian racing driver, James love life has been one of the most trending topics lately. With him getting into a new relationship, his followers are more than excited to know more about his partner.

James, as a well-known racing driver, has always shined in public. He has never failed to impress his fans with his incredible skills for racing.

As successful as his career looks, let’s explore the lifestyle of his girlfriend, Tegan, here.

Tegan is mainly known for being the new girlfriend of the renowned racing driver, James. Besides being James’ sweetheart, Woodford is also a popular public figure.

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Tegan is a top makeup artist and an influencer on social media. Her followers have loved her creative makeup skills and even got inspired by her work.

Additionally, Woodford is the owner of a salon, Tegan Woodford Beauty. She has gained much popularity as a makeup artist and dating one of the racing drivers has just made her more famous than before.

The couple was spotted having a romantic date in public. For now, more on the pair’s dating life and how long they have been together remained a bit unclear.

Tegan Woodford Age: How Old Is The Artist?

Born in 1988, Tegan celebrated her birthday every 12th of December. Currently, she is 32 years of age but soon will be having her 33 birthday after seven days.

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The makeup artist was born in Australia, with an Australian nationality. Before entering the world of beauty, Tegan was a dancer.

She started off as a dancer at the age of eight and had spent 13 years of her life doing so. Later on, Woodford grew more interested in makeup.

Together with being a beauty artist, Tegan is also a model who began her modeling career at 13 years old. No wonder people have admired her as a skillful artist.

Does Tegan Woodford Have Wikipedia? Discover Her On Instagram

Tegan does not seem to have a Wikipedia page. Even so, there are lots of sites that have written about her.

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A well-known beauty for both fitness and glamour has established herself in Australia. She started her career early and has become one of the successful makeup artists in the country.

Despite her fame, she has not disclosed the details of her net worth. However, considering her earnings, Tegan must have got a decent lifestyle.

She is available on Instagram with the username @tegan. Regardless of being an unverified user, she has got 22.7k followers only on her Insta account.

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