Meet Aye Hood: TikToker Arrested On The Grounds of Violence

Meet Aye Hood: TikToker Arrested On The Grounds of Violence


TikTok sensation Aye Hood, popularly known for his comedy TikTok Videos, was arrested for beating up a girl. Continue reading for more information. 

Allegations on the TikTok star, Aye Hood, were cited after he beat up a girl. Hood was reportedly arrested for the exact same charges before.

Within a few hours, the news spread like a virus all over TikTok. However, the name and details of the girl, on the other hand, remain unknown.

Who Is Aye Hood? Real Name Revealed

Aye Hood, whose real name is Michael, is a native of Greenwood Lake, NY, recently famous over TikTok.

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Hood is mostly known for making videos on several matters with his particular style and facial expressions. Additionally, he starts each of the videos with his trademark line, “Aye Hood”.

Prior to that, Hood also owns a clothing line named Aye Hood and has golden grills on his upper set of teeth.

Hood, Merchandise, and business, as well as his career, however, are at the edge due to his scandals. Only time will prove if the allegations are true or it’s just a rumor.

Aye Hood Allegations: Is He Arrested?

Recently, TikTok star Aye Hood has been under severe allegations.

As per some sources, Hood was alleged for beating up a girl. However, the details of the girl, on the other hand, are still unclear or, let’s say, protected.

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Supposedly, Hood is arrested by the police. It is also rumored that currently, he is in Prison in Ohio.

However, the complete and exact reports on Hood’s allegations and crimes are still under review. Neither the official’s department nor Hood himself has spoken anything with reference to this situation yet.

Netizens, however, came forward on social media platforms to criticize his alleged actions.

How Old Is Aye Hood? Age Explored

Scanning through his pictures, Aye Hood’s current age falls around his late 20s. However, he hasn’t revealed his exact age and date of birth as of now.

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Similarly, not much is known about Aye Hood’s family as well as his parents as the TikTok star remains pretty secretive about his personal life.

Additionally., Hood has never spoken much about his educational background as well.

Find Aye Hood On Instagram

Aye Hood can be found on Instagram under the username of @ayehoodofficial.

Aside from his 12.6k followers on TikTok, he also has 26k followers on Instagram and 4.12k subscribers.

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