Mays Landing: Loretta Burroughs NJ Wikipedia -Where Is She Today? Details To Know

Mays Landing: Loretta Burroughs NJ Wikipedia -Where Is She Today? Details To Know


Loretta Burroughs NJ Wikipedia And First Husband -Where Is She Today?

Loretta Burroughs who lived in New Jersey does not have a Wikipedia page. She killed her husband and packed his body remaining in plastic container for years.

Loretta Burroughs might be one of the deadliest women on the planet Earth.

If you have already heard of the story of Loretta Burroughs, then you may have experienced chills in your spine.

But if you haven’t, follow the article to know the details of the case that has people wonder how did she commit the crime and how did she pulled to be a normal person for years.

Loretta Burroughs, a woman with a sinful heart and hands resided in New Jersey. While her case is well-known, Wikipedia has yet to feature the horrific crime she committed.

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We are talking about a woman who killed her husband Daniel, cut off his body parts, and kept his remaining on a plastic container, for years.

Loretta and Daniel were high school sweethearts, but this story does not go way back when they are teens.  Everything started when they met each other after several years while both of their love-life was at their lowest points.

Eventually, they fell in love again with later tying the knot hoping to continue their life as a loving couple. Instead, their relationship fell apart pretty soon while they were living together in Mays Landing, New Jersey.

Loretta’s husband Daniel, 66, vanished all of a sudden in 2007 but she was calm claiming her husband had ran away to Florida with another woman while asked by the police officials.

While his families were filing a missing person report in 2007 and even setting up a Facebook page in 2010 to find Daniel, Loretta was busy selling the belongings of Daniel, including the house she shared with him. During that time she had divorced Daniel as well.

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Loretta, who had a history of convictions, was searched by the Atlantic county police on her Ventnor home for an unrelated case in 2013 which revealed the horror she had been accountable for years.

Who Is Loretta Burroughs First Husband?

Loretta Burroughs’s first husband had passed away when she met Daniel after several years.

During that time, her high-school sweetheart Daniel had suffered a divorce with his first wife.

Both Loretta and Daniel had 4 children from their previous marriage. Loretta was blessed with 4 grandchildren as well.

Fast forward after their marriage, Loretta stabbed Daniel to death in August 2007 on their New Jersey home.

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Loretta’s husband Daniel suffered a horrific death but was never rested. She left his dead body on bathtub for days before cutting off his body.

She placed his body parts on plastic containers and his head on a handbag. Loretta took his dead body in her new house every time she moved.

Police found his decomposed remains on plastic containers inside a closet of her house’s guest bedroom in Ventnor.

Where Is Loretta Burroughs Today?

Loretta Burroughs is placed on Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton, New Jersey.

She was arrested on May, 2013, and was sentenced to 55-years in prison for the murder and a concurrent three-year term for hindering apprehension.

Loretta was 63 when she was found guilty in 2015.

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