Matt Brown Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age Difference, Children, Net Worth and Wife Colleen Brown

Matt Brown Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age Difference, Children, Net Worth and Wife Colleen Brown


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Collen Brown is the former wife of UFC fighter Matt Brown. Let us learn more about their age difference, children, and net worth.

Colleen Brown is the wife of American UFC fighter, Matt Brown.

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Mathew Burton Brown popularly known as Matt Brown is currently competing in the Welterweight division of the UFC.

Further, he was a contestant on the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter television series.

Who Is Matt Brown Wife Colleen Brown?

Colleen Brown is popularly known as the wife of Matt Burton.

She is originally from Clinton, Massachusetts. She graduated from Clinton High School in 2006 and later attended the University of Pheonix. She then started working at Hollywood Casino Columbus in 2012. Further, she also worked at Planet Beach Contempo Spa.

She met Matt at the age of 20 while she worked at Jet night Club. It appears that Matt and Colleen have separated their ways, judging from Colleen’s Instagram handle. She has even found a new partner and she has been posting a picture with him frequently on her social media handle. However, his name has not yet been disclosed.

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Colleen Brown Age Difference

Colleen Brown and her husband do not seem to have much of an age difference.

Colleen appears to be in her 40’s, judging from her pictures. Meanwhile, Matt is 40 years old as he was born in 1981. He celebrates his birthday every year on January 10.

Colleen’s exact age and date of birth are yet to be revealed.

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Colleen Brown Children

Colleen Brown shares three children with her husband Matt.

She is the mother of twin sons (Connor and Hunter) and a daughter, Avaleen. The twin is currently 11 years old and the daughter is 6 years old.

Colleen Brown Net Worth

Colleen Brown’s net worth has not been disclosed.

Likewise, she has not yet revealed her professional details. However, we believe that she must have received financial support from her former husband Matt whose net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.


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