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Marlen P: Meet Anthony Davis long-time girlfriend on Instagram

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Marlen P: Meet Anthony Davis long-time girlfriend on Instagram

Marlen P who is well known as Anthony Davis girlfriend was rumored to be engaged with him in 2019. Let’s learn more.

Marlen is Anthony Davis’ girlfriend. Davis is a power forward for the LA Lakers in NBA.

Marlen P Anthony Davis Girlfriend: Is He Married?

Marlen P is Anthony Davis’ long-time girlfriend.

The two have been living together for many years now. Marlen reportedly started dating the power forward in 2016. Anthony was playing for the New Orleans Hornets at that time.

There was a rumor across social media that Marlen and Anthony engaged in November 2019.

However, they have not confirmed that. In fact, there are no hints to support the couple has tied their knots till now.


Marlen P: Anthony Davis Girlfriend Age

Marlen P’s age is perhaps in her 20s.

But the exact age of Anthony’s love interest is unknown.

Anthony is 28 years old. Furthermore, it is also unknown when her birthday is.

Marlen is an American born in New Orleans.

However, her parents come from the Dominican Republic background. In fact, Marlen is pretty private about her personal life.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Marlen’s net worth is not exposed in figures.

However, her boyfriend Anthony has a net worth of around $30 million.

Marlen P Anthony Davis Kids: Is She Pregnant?

Marlen P and Anthony Davis share a kid, a daughter.

Their daughter, Nala, was born in 2017. Besides, Marlen does not seem to be pregnant as of now, as no such news has been heard.


Her Wikipedia: Is She on Instagram?

Marlen P does not have her bio on Wikipedia.

However, her boyfriend Anthony has a decorated Wikipedia page.

It is not known what Marlen does for a living. She lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and daughter.

Marlen is on Instagram as @iammarlenp. Her account is private at the moment. She has over 2.9 thousand followers.

Marlen and Anthony have their relationship highly private. Anthony does not even share pictures of her on his Instagram.


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