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Mariana Fagundes Wiki And Boyfriend: Meet Her On Instagram

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Mariana Fagundes Wiki And Boyfriend: Meet Her On Instagram

Fagundes has an unmatchable talent but How old is Mariana Fagundes Idade? Her journey to fame started very early.

Mariana Fagundes is a Brazilian musical artist and singer. She is most known for duet song with Naiara Azevedo titled “é só me chamar”. The song has gained attention from over 5 million people on the internet.

Details on Mariana Fagundes Wikipedia Biografia and Idade

Mariana Fagundes’s Wikipedia Biografia is absent for now.

But, she does have a Twitter handle with over 2.1k followers. You can follow her on the platform as @marifagundesmf.

Mariana Fagundes’s Idade, aka age, seems around her 20s.

The singer is a native of Aparecida do Taboado, Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil. Likewise, she grew up in a town called Innocence in the same state. Furthermore, Mariana started singing from an early age at parties and presentations.

She inherits her musical ability from her uncle, Vicente Dias, who is a renowned singer in Brazil. He is known for songs like Amor Perfeito, Sonhei com você, and José Rico.

Is Mariana Fagundes Dating Anyone?

Mariana Fagundes’s partner is not disclosed to date.

Fagundes is immersed in her career right now. She recently appeared in the famous talk show “The Noite”. Furthermore, she is also busy with post-pandemic concerts.


In addition, streaming websites like Spotify and Deezer are filled with her songs. Therefore, Mariana Fagundes’s net worth doubtlessly generates good fortune.

Meet The Singer on Instagram

You can find Mariana Fagundes on Instagram as @marianafagundesoficial.

She is verified on the social site with over 313k followers. Similarly, Fagundes has amassed over 461k subscribers on her musical youtube channel. Furthermore, fans have watched her songs over 113 million times.


Mariana has also collaborated with multiple artists like Renato Teixeira, Pablo do Arrocha, Léo Santana and Naiara Azevedo. Furthermore, her notable songs include é só me chamar, tô ficando louca, and bebo da branca.

The musical artist began her journey as a vocalist. However, she achieved her fame via her solo career. Moreover, she has appeared in Tv shows like Cantor Sertanejo there at home, Mulheres que Brilham and Hora do Faro.

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