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Maria Wawreniuk Biography, Wikipedia, Age And Boyfriend – Meet Netflix Open Your Eyes Actress

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Maria Wawreniuk Biography, Wikipedia, Age And Boyfriend – Meet Netflix Open Your Eyes Actress


Netflix: Who is Maria Wawreniuk? Age Wikipedia And Boyfriend

Maria Wawreniuk played teen Julia in the science fiction thriller series, Open Your Eyes on Netflix. Here we are uncovering Maria.

The series ‘Open Your Eyes (Otworz oczy) was premiered on August 25, 2021, Wednesday. It has the story of a teen.

The teenager Julia, who had an accident would be in an amnesia treatment center but the accident would kill her family.

The teen will form a bond with another resident when she made her way to the state-of-the-art facility.

Julia discovered herself to be a talented prodigious pianist like all other members having different talents.

She realized his talent after meeting a handsome and rebellious youth, Adam who often runs away from the facility.

Maria Wawreniuk is a Polish Actress. She was born on August 8, 1998 in Lodz, Poland.

She acted for a role in Kim jestes – Who are you in 2017 and Silent Disco in 2019.

She studies acting at the Polish National Film School located in Lodz. She is also a member of a band named Yantra.

Versatile Maria is also a concept artist, an aspiring animator, and a digital designer.

The polish thriller series ‘Open Your Eyes is now available on Netflix. She is a director and producer by profession.

Her lovely smile, innocent face, and short hair make her noticeable in the series that people started talking about her.

Revealing Wawreniuk’s Age – Her Height and Weight

The actress is 23 years old as of now. Her birth date makes her a Leo on the Zodiac sign. As a Leo, she must have a kind heart.

At this early age, she has a great take-off on her career. The young artist hasn’t been known to whom she was born.

Her parents, siblings, and other personal information are yet to be revealed.

She is five feet and five inches in height and weighs around 114 lbs (52KG), which makes her look slim being 165cm tall.

Is she in a relationship?

Her love life has been hidden from the public. There are no traces of her past relations too.

It seems like she is not dating anyone so probably the artist is career-oriented. But her fame has definitely given her admirers.

She hasn’t posted anything personal on her Instagram also. She has almost 2K followers.

The artist is not much active on social media, she is not on Facebook or Twitter.

Netflix actress Maria Wawreniuk Net Worth

The artist’s net worth has been estimated to be $400K. However, to think of long run, it would grow handsome.

She has just started her career and came into notice. Her future fortune seems sound.

Her income source is her movies currently.

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