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Man Arrested After Coupe Found Dead In Oberon Home: Video, Images, Real Names And Details

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Man Arrested After Coupe Found Dead In Oberon Home: Video, Images, Real Names And Details

Man Arrested After Coupe Found Dead In Oberon Home Video Images Real Names And Details

A 46-year old man has been arrested by the Sydney police in connection to a double homicide case that took place in the Oberon town in the region of New South Wales Central on Friday morning, 13th August 2021. As per the initial reports at hand, on one busy day, the workers of emergency services of NWS went to a resident situated in Oberon in order to conduct a welfare check, however, they found the lifeless body of an elderly woman and man. The person who has been arrested by the police is said to be an acquaintance of the two deceased and is also reported to be a Guard in the Sydney Hospital.

In this context, the acting superintendent and commander of the Chifley police district, Bruce Grassick has come forward revealing some of the minor details of the above case. Grassick stated it was too early to make any conclusion on the same, however, in their preliminary investigation, they found out that there was no struggle and it looks they had died in the early hours of the morning. Without revealing the identity of the two victims, Commander and Acting Superintendent also added that both the victims suffered multiple stab injuries.

One of them was discovered by the police inside the kitchen while the other person was found at the rear of the residence. Officer Grassick described the scene as upsetting for the officer and further added, “Quite Tragic Circumstances.” Talking about the 46-year old suspect man, officials stated that he was arrested by the team before 9:00 AM in an industrial area in Penrith which is 12o kilometres away from Oberon in Western Sydney.

The two victims who have died in the homicide case are reported to have moved to Oberon town in recent year and were originally from Sydney. Police also unveiled that they were not aware of the whereabouts of the suspect until one man called and informed the police. The old lady and man died at around 7:00 AM, on 13th August and within 2 hours, the officers were quick enough to chase and arrest the suspect.

For now, the man is under the custody of a police guard and has been taken to a nearby hospital, Nepean hospital to be precise, to cure his wounded hand, which police assumes may need surgery. As of now, no charges have been laid on him, as the police are interrogating the suspect with the help of the detectives. Meanwhile, counselling is also being organized for the Emergency service workers who witnessed the distressing scene in the Oberon town in New South Wales Central West.

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