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Lucy Visinoni: Harry Visinoni Mum Is an Ice Skater

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Lucy Visinoni: Harry Visinoni Mum Is an Ice Skater

Coronation Street star Harry Visinoni mum Lucy Visinoni is a professional Ice Skater. And she is going to be a part of The Olympic Games very soon. Continue for more.

Lucy Thompson, aka Lucy Visinoni, is the mother of actor Harry Visinoni.

He retired from Coronation Street after five years.

After his departure as Seb Franklin from the show following a shocking death twist, people are eager to know his mum.

Harry Visinoni Mum: Lucy Visinoni

Harry Visinoni Mum Lucy Visinoni does not have a dedicated Wikipedia bio for now.

She is a professional ice dancer and skater. In fact, she could also be a part of The Olympic Games as a veteran judge.

This news was revealed by nonother than Harry himself during an interview in April 2021.

He told his fans that his mother is a big name in ice skating, and she stopped after getting married.

Talking about her career, Lucy Visinoni, aka Lucy Thompson is a British Champion in the sport back in 1987.

She is serving as a crucial member of The British Ice Skating Technical Advisory Committee.

Lucy Visinoni Net Worth

Lucy Visinoni’s net worth information has not been public for now.

However, there is no doubt that she has accumulated a good sum of money throughout her successful career.

Furthermore, many sites suggest her son Harry Visinoni’s net worth be more than $5 million as of 2021.


Lucy Visinoni Husband and Children

Ice Skater Lucy Visinoni’s husband is also involved in winter sports.

Professionally, he belongs to a family of ski instructors from the Alps in Italy.

However, we do not have detailed information about him for the time being.

Lucy Visinoni has 3 children, including star Harry Visinoni, and are very established in their particular careers.

Her daughter Lydia Visinoni is following her mum’s footstep, was crowned British Solo Ice Dance Champion in 2019.

Furthermore, Lucy’s other son Alex Visinoni is the drummer for Manchester’s four-person band The Perps.


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