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Lucene Duarte Age, Son And Net Worth: Is She On OnlyFans?

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Lucene Duarte Age, Son And Net Worth: Is She On OnlyFans?

People have been questioning Lucene Duarte Age after her son set up an OnlyFans account for her.

Instagram Star Lucene Duarte has been popularly recognized as a glamorous model. Already a mother, it’s hard to believe that she looks absolutely stunning in her pictures.

Just a year back, she had crowned the Brazilian Miss Bumbum beauty pageant. Furthermore, she has already been featured in two of the top magazines, Playboy Portugal and FHM Australia.

Lucene Duarte Age: How Old Is She?

Lucene Duarte’s age remains a mystery but we can assume that she is nowhere less than 40.


However, that’s just our assumption, as Lucene has not revealed her date of birth yet. We wonder what her age was when she gave birth to her son.

Some believe that Lucene was still a teenager when she was pregnant. No matter what her age is, she has maintained her beauty throughout her life.

Everything About Her Son

According to Daily Mail, Leonardo Hathaway is the son of the tempting model, Lucene Duarte.

Her son has been supporting her throughout his life. The mother and son share an exciting relationship which is really rare to find. They are Britishers and have been residing in London, England.

Her Net Worth Explored

As a model, Lucene Duarte’s net worth is nowhere more than the thousands.

However, her son has decided to change her career forever by taking it a step further. He has no problem with his mother flaunting her racy body.

After appearing in top model magazines, Leonardo had decided to help his mother earn more money. Well, he definitely wants a rise in his pocket money, and HITC believes that he wants to gain a cut from his earnings.

Is She Really On OnlyFans?

Leonardo confirms that he has already created Lucene Duarte account on OnlyFans.


So, we believe that the account is yet to be set up or is in the progress of setting up. For now, you can glance at her pictures on her Instagram, where she has over 945 thousand followers.


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