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Lovell Barnett Missing Updated: Lovell Barnett Has Been Found Safe

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Lovell Barnett Missing Updated: Lovell Barnett Has Been Found Safe


Lovell Barnett Missing Update – Lovell Barnett, whose gender and age is still unknown has been declared missing. The missing person features such as height, weight, color, shape and physique is still unknown was declared missing.

Lovell Barnett, 5 year-old declared missing after seen last in April has been found registered in a foster home with a different identity.Lovell Barnett missing

Lovell Barnett, was reported missing on Monday, August 2nd by his worried grandmother whose name wasn’t given by the police. She had told the police that she had last seen the boy in April at a motel in the 4600 block of Memorial Drive.

The police launched a search for Barnett and questioned his mother who was in the custody of the the Clayton County Police Department. She had reportedly said she left him with an acquaintance in April. However she did not disclose the name of the acquaintance. She also said the said acquaintance had dropped off the child at the care of the Georgia Division of Family & Children Services because she didn’t return to pick him up.

The Georgia Division of Family & Children Services were contacted by the police but they confirmed the child wasn’t in their custody.

The police later found the boy in a close by country in a foster home. He was said to have been registered there with a different identity. The child has now been found and brought back. However the police have not confirmed if the mother of the boy would be charged for misleading the police.


This was made known through the news posted across the social media platforms earlier today. Any person giving any clue shall be suitably rewarded.

Please let us all join hands by locating Lovell Barnett by sharing this post to as many media as possible!!!

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