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Louie Knuxx Death Cause, Reason, Passed Away, Died, Age, Net Worth, Career And Profession

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Louie Knuxx Death Cause, Reason, Passed Away, Died, Age, Net Worth, Career And Profession

Louie Knuxx Death Cause

There is this news that has been surfacing on social media stating that the sensational musical artist and rapper of New Zealand, Todd Williams, famously known as Louie Knuxx has passed away on 13th August 2021, Saturday. We would like to highlight the fact that as of now, no official statement has been released from the side of the concerned authorities nor do we have any particular information that will confirm the authenticity of this death news of Knuxx at this moment. However, we do understand and know how the demise news of Knuxx has badly affected his friend and follower from all across the world.

Louie Knuxx Death Cause

At this moment, we are uncertain whether the news spreading over social media is true, and therefore, it would be quite inappropriate from our side, if we make any assumption or story on this matter, let alone state the cause of death of the rapper. In the year 2006, Knuxx made his debut with an album named “Wasted Youth” in which he added the mixed slurred street rhymes touch together with astonishing hip-hop production.

In that album there was this song, “We are Back God” in which Knuxx collaborated with New Zealand artist, PNC and then, there was another single named, “They Call Me” that surely grabbed the attention of the listeners and though the first album of Knuxx was a minor hit, at some point, it did connect with the heart string of the listeners.

Knuxx was also known for his love for tattoos among his admirer and his body itself was a testimony to this fact. However, becoming who he was today required a lot of his efforts and hard work mainly because he had an awful childhood. The musician although did not often come on interviews much, he had certainly talked in one of those interviews, how the ‘Wasted Youth’ helped him recognize his ability and from thereon, he made a lot of positive changes but he still had some problems.

Knuxx had a pretty disturbing young adulthood. He was a street kid, who got kicked out of his home at the young age of 14. He would often go through all these institutions, so at an extremely youthfully age, he started to take care of himself. In that process, he made several mistakes and also went to jail.

He used to be pretty anti-social person, however, despite all that, his music went him alive and made him feel at ease. His music and rap inspired many and were engraved deep inside one soul, who understood the meaning, the pain and the truthness behind his words. “Tiny Warm Hearts (2016)” and “PGT/GRR (2014)” were the last two albums of the rapper. As of now, no official statement has been released from the sides of Knoxx’s family confirming his death.


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