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Los Angeles: Model Jan Cilliers Found Dead Outside Hospital- Meet Her Husband Christy Giles

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Los Angeles: Model Jan Cilliers Found Dead Outside Hospital- Meet Her Husband Christy Giles


Christy Giles’s dead body was dumped outside in LA hospital. Her husband, Jan Cilliers, and her parents mourn her sudden demise. Giles’s cause of death is not made public yet.

Christy Giles, 24, was a fabulous model and social media influencer. The emerging 24-year-old fashion model lived a successful life with her modeling career unless her dead body was discovered outside in the Southern California Hospital in LA.

Moreover, Christy often shares her adventurous trips snap and her bold images on Instagram. It was unbelievable for her supporter that she was no more in the world. 

As per New York Post, Giles’s mom states that Christy might be drugged when her body was dumped outside the hospital because her father gave self-defense training to her. 

When Christy was returning home after the party with her friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, 26. As noted by the source, Arzola was left at a separate hospital and is fighting for her life with no brain activity. 

It seems like both, Giles and Hilda, were attacked by the three masked men who forcefully injected them brutally murdered them. However, we have to wait for the autopsy reports to find out the truth.

Who Was Christy Giles? Age And Wikipedia Biography Explored

Christy was a model and an internet personality. She was 24.

Apparently, she was active on an Instagram page that has nearly crossed over 19.2k adherents. We can see her gorgeous photos and her travel pictures. 

Despite her popularity, Christy’s name is yet to feature on Wikipedia. However, we can get to know her a bit by following her IG page. 

Reportedly, Christy’s death has left the fans baffled. How did she die? What is the motive to kill her? All these questions are yet to reveal.

Christy Giles Husband Jan Cilliers Is Heartbroken And Mourns Her Death

Christy was married. Her husband, Jan Cilliers, is a visual effect supervisor and artist. The photography expert has a fine career and living a lavish life. Jan was 41 years of age, reported Daily Mail.

Nonetheless, Christy was dragged by three masked men fully dressed in black to the hospital. They pushed her body out of a Toyota Prius without license plates, said her husband, Jan. 

The investigation is ongoing. We have to wait patiently to know further insights.

Christy Giles Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Christy’s exact net worth in 2021 is under audit. She was a demanding model. 

Moving on to her family background, Christy’s mom Dusty Giles, 49, was a nurse, whereas, her father was a soldier.

Christy’s parents want justice for her daughter, and they will fight no matter what till the end.

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