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Lolo Rossi Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth: Everything You Need To Know

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Lolo Rossi Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth: Everything You Need To Know


Lolo Rossi is a famous choreographer who still awaits a Wikipedia biography. Know Rossi’s edad or age and husband.

Lolo is a dancer and choreographer. She is the head coach in the dance competition Bailando por un Sueno.

Lolo Rossi Wikipedia – Who Is She?

Lolo Rossi lacks a Wikipedia biography.

Rossi is a famous celebrity dancer from Argentina. But she is yet to have a mention on a Wikipedia page.

Meanwhile, Lolo serves for the dance competition TV series Bailando por un Sueno. It is a reality competition produced by the TV program Showmatch.

Interestingly, Showmatch is the program that earns the most audience all over Argentina. She has been in the program for over a decade now.

On the other hand, Rossi previously has made an appearance on the theater shows such as Videomatch and Moria Banana.

Besides, Lolo’s IMDb profile reveals she had a guest appearance on the TV series Los Angeles de la manana. She was a part of the show in 2016.



Lolo Rossi Edad or Age – How Old Is She?

Lolo Rossi’s edad or age seems over 35 years old.

But her exact birth details remain hidden from the internet at the moment. Accordingly, we made a guess based on her appearance and personality.

Besides, Rossi has not mentioned any details regarding her parents and family background. She has a close bond with her mother who celebrated her birthday on May 3 this year.

Also, Lolo is a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires. We are not quite clear what she studied there.

Besides, the dance star has revealed she began dancing at a young age. Also, she adds it is the tireless and repeated practice that earned her success today.

Who is Lolo Rossi Husband? Her Family

Lolo Rossi has a husband.

Rossi’s beau makes a frequent appearance on her Instagram. In fact, you can find him on the platform as @damozaga.

But his real name and profession seem more of a mystery for now. Also, it is not quite clear when the two married.

Besides, Lolo is the mother of two daughters.



Lolo’s Net Worth – Meet Her On Twitter

Lolo’s net worth is yet to be explored.

There is no clear evidence of the earnings she made in her career.

Meanwhile, you can find Rossi on Twitter as @mlolorossi1. Also, she is active on Instagram as @mlolorossi.


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