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Lindsay Usich And Husband Marilyn Manson Age Difference

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Lindsay Usich And Husband Marilyn Manson Age Difference

Lindsay Usich and her husband Marilyn Manson have a huge age difference.

Lindsay Usich is a professional photographer and a fashion model. She had an immense interest in sketching, but later, her interests changed to clicking photographs.

She works as an artist at Louis Alexander Gallery and has also worked for other events and magazines. Most of her photographs are based on feminity with romanticism.

Everything To Know About Lindsay Usich And Husband Marilyn Manson

Lindsay Usich married her husband, Marilyn Manson, in February 2020.

According to HITC, they have been dating each other for the past nine years (since 2012). The news about their marriage came after eight months when Marilyn publicly announced it in an interview with Interview Magazine.


Speaking about her husband, Marilyn is a world-famous actor and musician. He has worked in shows including Sons of Anarchy, Party Monster, American Gods, etc.

Recently, his ex-partners, Evan Rachel Wood and Ashley Morgan Smithline, alleged him of sexual abuse. In fact, Ashely has called him a monster.

Their Age Difference Revealed

Reportedly, Lindsay Usich and Marilyn Manson have an age difference of 16 years.

As per Marilyn‘s Wikipedia, he was born on January 5, 1969. On the other hand, Lindsay was born on October 2, 1984.

Originally, Lindsay is from Miami, Florida, while her husband is from Canton, Ohio. Both being American citizens, they share a terrific bond.

The two have not spoken about the current allegations against Marilyn. We are hopeful that the couple will come forward and speak on that matter in no time.

Meet Lindsay Usich On Instagram

Lindsay Usich has officially changed her name on Instagram to Lindsay Elizabeth Warner.


She has over 601 thousand followers, and her username stands out to be @lindsayusichofficial. She is open about her relationship and has posted few photos of her husband there.

Her Net Worth Explored

At the moment, there’s not an update on Lindsay Usich’s net worth.

However, we can say that her photography and modeling jobs have definitely helped her economically.


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