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Limpopo Boy Accident Details – Who Is Dancer Limpopo Boy And What Happened?

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Limpopo Boy Accident Details – Who Is Dancer Limpopo Boy And What Happened?


What Happened To Limpopo Boy Dancer? Age – Dead Or Alive

Limpopo Boy Dancer was recently injured in an accident. What happened to him?

It was only a few months ago, when a hoax claimed that Limpopo Boy Dancer was deceased. This was obviously not true and confirmed by Limpop himself.

Now, the dancer has become subject to another death rumours.

Limpopo Boy Dancer recently fell off while dancing on the roof.

A few days ago, Limpopo had performed at Mpumalanga Nelspruit Siya Bar along with singer Makhadzi on the occasion of women’s day. However, the event took an unfortunate turn when Limpopo Boy became a victim of a small accident.

The team had gone to the roof to perform Makhadzi’s recent song, Ghanama. But, the dancer reportedly fell off and ended up injuring himself.

The video circulated all over online and many people speculated that Limpopo Boy Dancer’s death was caused by the accident. However, the rumours are not true.

Limpopo Boy Dancer is not dead, but alive.

In fact, he has been constantly posting on his Instagram. He even went live on his IG to assure that he is safe.

Limpopo Boy Dancer Age – How Old Is He?

Limpopo Boy Dancer seems around the age of his 20s.

Limpopo Boy Dancer, whose real name is Mahlatse Robert Matome Thoka, was born in Botlokwa, South Africa. From an early age, he showed an affinity towards art and dancing.

In 2012, Thoka moved to Pretoria city and eventually started to work as a professional dancer. He even became a favourite at the South African State Theatre.

Later, Limpopo was invited to perform at stages of The SAMAs and the Mtv base Awards. Over the years, he performed with popular names like DJ Cleo, Dr Malinga, and King Monada.

Limpopo Boy Dancer Wikipedia biography

Limpopo Boy Dancer doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography yet.

But, you can find him on Instagram as @limpopo_boy. He boasts over 287k followers on the platform.

Mahlatse states that he was born a dancer and it didn’t happen by accident. During his time at Tidima High School, he used to take part in various dance competitions.

Nevertheless, Limpopo never stops sharping his skills and moves. He reportedly rehearses every day as a lifestyle – not because he has to but because he likes to.

The choreographer dreams to open the biggest dance academy in Africa. Moreover, he is also the owner of Limpopo Boy Entertainment,.

We are just happy that Limpopo Boy is safe and hope he will be ready to perform on the stage very soon.

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