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Leonna Mayor Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Partner, Twitter And Net Worth – Facts To Know About The Jockey

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Leonna Mayor Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Partner, Twitter And Net Worth – Facts To Know About The Jockey


Leonna Mayor Wikipedia, Age Partner And Twitter Net Worth

Leonna Mayor, age 30, is an ex-jockey and sky sports racing presenter. Here is everything to know about her Wikipedia and partner. 

Leonna has been involved in horse racing since a young age. In her professional career, she used to be involved in a flat race.

Leonna was titled as the world’s sexiest jockey back in 2013. At that time, she appeared on the front page of a magazine named Zoo. It is a defunct British lads’ magazine.

Leonna Mayor’s bio is not covered by Wikipedia, even though being a successful personality. But some sources have mentioned few details about the athlete.

She got involved in horse racing at Brian Braugh’s in Audley. The British TV presenter also worked as a showjumper in Whitchurch. During that time, she was just 13 years old. 

In her professional career as a jockey, she used to race in a falt turf. She has had a total of twenty-six starts and has taken away four wins, one second position and third position each.

She had a successful racing career but admitted that racing was a tough job. She had to put up with the constant dieting, frequent traveling, and the risks associated with horseback racing.

The ex-jockey is currently a presenter at ITV Racing and Sky Sports Racing. She has mentioned that she used to be nervous while presenting. She would feel sick a few days before her presentation. As of today, she looks forward to having a successful TV career.

What is Leonna Mayor Age?

Leonna Mayor’s age is currently 30. She was born on August 21, 1990.

She is soon celebrating her 31st birthday. She celebrated her last birthday with her close friends and family as per her post on Instagram. 

The former flat racer is also a model. And she still looks good for her age.

Leonna Mayor Partner

Leonna Mayor has not disclosed information regarding her partner.

She has kept her romantic relationship completely private. The former athlete who was titled “World’s Sexiest Jockey” should have been in a relationship in the past too.

Meet Leonna Mayor On Twitter

Leonna Mayor is active on Twitter. You can find her on Twitter with the username @LeonnaMayor.

Besides Twitter, you can also find the athlete on Instagram.

She is popular on both social media platforms. The TV presenter currently has 37.1k followers on Twitter and 14k followers on Instagram.

Leonna Mayor Net Worth 

Leonna Mayor has not disclosed any information regarding her net worth.

As a former athlete and currently a TV presenter, she should have added a large sum of money to her net worth.

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