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Larry Hoagland Biography, Wikipedia, NetWorth: Where Is Larry Hoagland Today? Truck Exploded Due To Car Bomb In San Diego- Dateline NBC

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Larry Hoagland Biography, Wikipedia, NetWorth: Where Is Larry Hoagland Today? Truck Exploded Due To Car Bomb In San Diego- Dateline NBC


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Where Is Larry Hoagland Today? Here is everything you need to know about the man who attempted to kill his wife, just to continue his relationship with his high school sweetheart. 

Larry Hoagland is an American man who is recognized as a convicted felon who attempted to murder his wife multiple times, and even got nearly successful once.

Well, what he did happen over a decade ago in 2010, but people are still aware of this incident and want to know more about this.

And, the credit for this goes to the NBC series Dateline which brought up this story back to the web and media.

With everything that has happened in these years and people still talking about it, more and more people are getting interested to find out what exactly happened.

Indeed, concerns regarding the vehicle exploding, Larry Hoagland’s family, children, and his deadly intention, are at their peak on the web right now.

Dateline NBC: Where Is Larry Hoagland Today? Truck Exploded Due To Car Bomb In San Diego

Today, Larry Hoagland is in prison serving his 50 years to life in prison, plus 13 years additional for all the charges he is facing.

He was sentenced to this prison time for multiple attempted murders of his wife and additional charges of using an explosive device.

Getting into what happened, Larry Hoagland married his love interest, his wife Connie Hoagland, and he was married to her for decades.

However, he later started having an affair with his high school sweetheart Lee Ann Rupert when he started living in 2 different cities, citing financial reasons.

To get rid of his wife, children, and family, and to get with his girlfriend, he planned on killing his wife.

One day, his wife’s vehicle exploded near where she worked, and then she suffered severe injuries leading to a month of stay in hospital.

Nobody suspected anything then, but slowly the dots started connecting. Larry confessed about his affair and the police discovered multiple bombing equipment-related searches in his web browser.

And, later, more things were revealed which showed that he tried killing her by poisoning, suffocating, and bombing twice.

This happened in the year 2010, and he has just served about 10 years of his overall sentence.

Larry Hoagland Family And Children Details

Larry Hoagland had a big family, which included his wife and 3 children, who were almost grown-ups.

The eldest child of Larry, Jill is now 30 years old and was just 19 when his father nearly killed their mother.

Their second child, the middle daughter Jaclyn Reagan is not about 27 years old and was just 16 when the incident happened.

Whereas, their youngest child, Jonathan, who is 21 now, was just about 10 years old then.

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