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Langenhagen Accident Video: Fatal Bus Crash, 1 Injured And All Rescued Get All Details

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Langenhagen Accident Video: Fatal Bus Crash, 1 Injured And All Rescued Get All Details


A very tragic and harsh accident took place in Langenhagen and the cops reviewed the number of injured people is decreased to 15 along with three people who get seriously injured and the police stated this information on Tuesday. The Langenhagen Unfall traffic accident service has obtained evidence of the event and presented a complete summary of the area utilising a 3-D scanning method for rehabilitation as per the statement of a police spokeswoman. The police managed by affirmation and the evaluation of professional experiences that the traffic lights at the junction had been turned off. As per the truck driver who was on the pre-eminence road and the bus driver who is 45-year-old was minor injuries due to the accident and now, he is implying examined for neglectful homicide. The accident shook everyone and all the nearby standers rushed to the spot to rescue all of the injured people.

Langenhagen Accident Video Fatal Bus Crash 1 Injured And All Rescued Get All Details

The whole accident took place on the evening of Monday, the tractor part outwardly a container at the junction and along with complete power slid indirectly into the minibus according to the statement of the investigators. The fatally wounded 29-year-old were in the minibus and was driven out and the 46-year-old truck driver along with one kid and one another injured were gravely wounded and later, took to the hospital. Apart from this, two more kids get heavily injured and they are in the hospital.

Both wheels are severely damaged and for taking the vehicles a tow van has been used to take the vehicles to a further unknown place and as per the statement of the police, there are around 80,000 euros damage happened in this accident. After the harsh and tragic accident that took place in the city, the Üstra transport organisation was upset and dismayed and this day is a black day for the local transport in the city of Hanover as per the statement of Üstra person of Udo Iwannek which was stated on Tuesday.

In addition to this, he stated that in his entire life he never faced these types of serious and harsh accidents and after seeing this, all the community of the transport area and all of them pays tribute and homage to all the deceased who get killed and injured in the accident. We also pay homage to all the deceased may their souls rest in peceae. Keep connected with us for more updates and information about the Langenhagen Unfall accident.

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